• I am not a CEDIA member. Can I participate?

  • My client is okay with entering, but would like modifications to the consent form. Is that possible?

  • I have two projects to enter in the home cinema category. Is that allowed?

  • Are the rules and judging criteria the same for each region?

  • Should the project cost include VAT?

  • If we've submitted this project and have a signed consent form from another organization, can we use that consent form?

  • What are the most common documents required?

  • Why are schematics required for smaller projects?

  • The projects I have seen win are much larger than what I am doing, so why should I enter?

  • I cannot afford the quality of photos needed to enter.

  • What are the most common mistakes made when entering?

  • What are some tips for a successful entry?

  • Will you be publishing the yearbook again for 2017 with winners?

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