Women in Consumer Technology Webinar: Communicating with Presence


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Women in Consumer Technology Webinar: Communicating with Presence

Women in CT, along with CEDIA® and InfoComm, are presenting a webinar called “Communicating with Presence," designed to help "every professional communicate with impact.”

Presence, in this case, includes an acronym: PRES.

That PRESence model includes:

  • Present: Being in the moment, flexible, focused, and aware of one’s surroundings
  • Reaching Out: Building relationships through attentive listening and empathy
  • Expressive: Using your voice and body language to express emotion appropriately and in a compelling manner
  • Self-knowing: Knowing your own strengths, challenges and values

Mastery of these skills helps “every professional communicate with impact.”

The webinar’s presented by Kate Nugent, Director of Learning at the Ariel Group. Another bonus: It’s absolutely free.

Email webinar@womeninconsumertechnology.org to register.


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