Business Xchange 2017

2017 CEDIA Business Xchange Workshops

Using the Sales Force: Jedi Mind Tricks for Mastering Every Sale

Thursday, March 2

Selling goes well beyond product knowledge and the ability to explain the benefits of your product or service to a prospect. The best salespeople understand the science behind selling — which begins with their own mindset. The more you understand yourself, and others, and how their minds work, the better you can engage and create trust, close deals and generate referrals.

We will take an in-depth look into your personal psychology to understand how to get yourself in the best mental state while also reacting to the mental state of your prospect or customer. This is an intensive way of looking at sales that you have likely never encountered before.

  • Learn the components of personality that influence your behavior
  • Understand how those influences were developed and the impact they have on your selling success
  • Identify repetitive, non-productive behavior and replace it with more appropriate behavior
  • Discover how to engage with a prospect regardless of their state of mind
  • Establish a comfortable atmosphere for all parties to develop higher levels of trust

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Moving Beyond Referrals to Lead Generation

Friday, March 3

Small businesses often rely almost solely on referrals for new business. Today’s competitive landscape is far more vast and fractured than ever, so even small businesses need several paths to build revenue.

While word-of-mouth is a tremendous asset, it only gets you so far. What you need is to turn your referral-based business into a lead generation business — while working within the constraints of limited time, money, and staffing.

This workshop will outline branding and marketing strategy, explain the differences between referral-based and lead-generation businesses, explore outbound and inbound marketing, and translate all this into a clear understanding of how to build an effective lead generation system with minimal investment. We’ll cover everything from strategy to measurement so you can walk away with a clear plan to start driving new business the minute you get home.

  • Define your brand and your marketing strategy
  • Learn how consumers make buying decisions in today’s digital-first world
  • Discover how to use inbound marketing to drive lead generation
  • Map a simple lead-gen and nurture system
  • Create a framework for a content marketing plan
  • Learn how social media can drive traffic and potential leads
  • Complete an exercise to turn a simple Instagram account into your website’s photo gallery
  • Learn how to measure your marketing efforts to optimize and improve, rather than just report
  • Discuss the tools available to make all this work better, bigger, and faster

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