How They Did It: Feel the Force

Ed Wenck
Dec 05, 2016

Yes, this home theater pays homage to very particular series of science-fiction films; the client is a big fan. The room’s lighting, panels, and asymmetrical striping recall the interiors of spaceships quite familiar to moviegoers.

For the customer, this cinema was an upgrade from what he’d previously experienced — namely, a theater that hadn’t been designed for proper image and sound presentation and hadn’t been calibrated at all. Unhappy with his previous media center, the client asked Zene Private Theater to build him a room with Dolby Atmos® sound and a 4K UHD projector in his new home.

A Sony VW-1100ES handles the latter in conjunction with a Screen Excellence acoustically transparent screen. The integrator tells us that “two 12-inch subwoofers handle the ‘impact zone’ (40-80Hz) while the other two 15-inch subs handle the ‘rumble zone’ (25-40Hz).” Each sub is amped individually while three 400-watt mono block amps drive the LCR speakers and five two-channel power plants deliver the signal to the remaining speakers in the Atmos array, including six surround speakers and four in-ceiling. All the speakers were provided by GTL Sound Labs, including their APL Platinum LCRs and AE 963 models for the side, rear, and in-ceiling array. The electronics and lighting are all run using Control4 devices.

After a discussion with the home’s architect, a “double-door” solution was used to assist with sound isolation and to preserve the architectural looks of both the theater room and the adjacent living space. The integrator described the project as the most involved they’d ever undertaken, but the time was worth it: “The client loves it very much.”
In addition to its trophy in the Asia Pacific Region, this award winner also took top honors worldwide as the Global Winner in the Home Theater category — the best of the best.



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