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Training Solutions Coordinator

Jul 14, 2017
Home Technology Pros
Roseville, CA

Job Description:
The Training Solutions Coordinator is responsible for developing and driving a sales and installation training strategy for an aggressively growing home installation and service business with national aspirations.

The successful candidate will play a primary role in designing and delivering a blended learning platform for broad scale internal use. Candidate is responsible for the design and implementation of a role based curriculum for use in both classroom style instructional labs and on our internal learning management system platform.  Curriculum development will include: in-home sales, customer/project documentation, home networking, advanced wireless networking, IP control, retrofit installation, home automation and more.

The Training Solutions Coordinator will collaborate with other Senior team members to solicit feedback, to ensure best practices and to expedite program delivery without sacrificing quality or consistency.

This position offers the potential for tremendous professional and income growth within the organization.  An exceptional candidate could reasonably expect for the advertised position to evolve into Director or Chief-level status with a generous stock option package.  A successful candidate must be highly motivated and will possess an impressive work ethic.

How to Apply:
To apply, please send a cover letter  along with salary requirements and a CURRENT resume to: info@hometechnologypros.com.   Be sure to include: “Training Solutions Coordinator” in the subject line of the email.


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