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Low Voltage Installation Technician

Oct 27, 2017
Metro Detroit Integrated Systems
Warren, MI

Job Description:
Full Time - 
Metro Detroit Integrated Systems is always eager to have experienced installation talent join our team!

To provide some background about our company, Metro Detroit Integrated Systems is a Commercial Integration company that provides customized, low voltage – CCTV, Network Solutions, Audio/Video, Pro Audio/Video, Digital Signage, VoIP Phone, and Multitenant Video Entry – solutions to other businesses in the greater Detroit, Southeast Michigan area.

We are searching for a knowledgeable, experienced, and detail-oriented Low Voltage Technician to install low voltage Network, AV, CCTV, VoIP, and other equipment with a high degree of skill. More than anything else, to us, work-ethic, ambition, and willingness-to-learn are our #1 priority in any new hire - we are searching for individuals who are 1) genuinely passionate about the installation and configuration of technology, 2) take great pride in the quality of their installation work, and 3) are always looking to learn new techniques and expand their knowledge base.

As a Low Voltage Technician, you are tasked with the meticulous and proper installation and configuration of low voltage solutions for customers. Day to day, what that entails is 1) receiving ordered inventory for particular installations 2) planning ahead what equipment and tools must be brought to job sites 3) installing low voltage equipment at job sites correctly and in a professional manner, 4) configuring installed equipment settings to be appropriate for their application, and 5) cleaning up the job site and ensuring client is happy before leaving. As Metro Detroit Integrated Systems is a custom commercial integrator, the systems installed at different jobs sites will not necessarily be the same on a job to job basis - following, it is crucial that MDIS Low Voltage Technicians have the ability to problem solve, learn quickly, and adapt to various situations calmly.

What makes this job special is the fact that MDIS truly provides our clients "value-add" goods that leave clients better off after they have purchased them. In being an MDIS Low Voltage Technician, your actions directly convert to leaving someone better off than when we first encountered them - whether that means protecting their facilities, improving their environment, heightening their productivity, etc. As employers, we promise to support, educate, and bring you up as a Low Voltage Installer, and take you along for as far as you are willing to go. At Metro Detroit Integrated Systems, all installation, testing, and configuration equipment is provided by the company, as well as all installed equipment. Further, ongoing training and certification opportunities will be available through the company if applicable. All in all, we and the existing Low Voltage Technicians will make ourselves available at any time for you to call on us for guidance, technical questions, and installation advice - at MDIS, we are forever willing to invest in a person if they're likewise willing to invest in themselves by wanting to learn, improve, and challenge themselves every day they are on the job.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Knowledgeable and experienced in the installation and troubleshooting of CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Systems (IP / Analog)
Knowledgeable and experienced working with Local Area Networks (LAN)
Knowledgeable and experienced with distributed Audio / Video systems
Familiarity with both power and hand tools
Comfortable with heights (both ladders and lifts)
Ability to work both independently and as a team
Ability to travel for work when needed
Flexibility to work during 3rd shift for clients (on rare occasion)
Clean and organized work habits
Be proactive and foresee problems - be able to troubleshoot malfunctioning systems and service systems
Strong personal character - ambitious, respectful, responsible, professional, honest, proactive, creative, & dedicated
Be unrelentingly professional with clients - attire, smoking, language, behavior, respect - simply put, do the right thing

Compensation at for Metro Detroit Integrated Systems Low Voltage Technicians is a function of experience, ability, and tenure with the company. Metro Detroit Integrated Systems Low Voltage Technicians are compensated on an hourly basis and do receive paid holidays each year. Further, overtime (40+ hours a week) will be paid at time and a half.

Thank you for reading through this job listing for the position of Low Voltage Technician - should you think that this position at MDIS is correct for you, we would love to set up a preliminary phone interview or in-person interview to get to know you a bit.

Thank you!

To Apply:
Please send a cover letter and copy of your resume to info@mdisnow.com

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