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A/V Installation Technician

Feb 08, 2019
Tangonet Technology Solutions
Los Angeles, CA

Job Description

An AV Technician is responsible for installation, wiring, hookup, commissioning and servicing a wide variety of audio visual systems and equipment. Familiarity with programming is a plus. An AV Technician must excel in customer service skills and be capable of effective communication with clients, management and fellow employees.
Requirements include above average proficiency in all responsibilities associated with the position and the capability to effectively work independently. An AV Technician will be required to interface with the Service Coordinator and Project Managers as needed and deliver consistent, accurate and timely results. It is expected that an AV Technician will provide direction and technical expertise to other Tangonet team members.

  • Install, terminate, test and label a variety of low voltage and AV-specific cable types: CAT5/6, coax cable, speaker wire, line-level audio and microphone wire, etc.
  • Install and properly support a variety of AV components including but not limited to video displays, projectors, projection screens and speakers
  • Read and understand blue prints and AV system schematic diagrams
  • Identify cable paths and relay site survey information to project managers
  • Assemble, install and terminate AV equipment racks and head-ends.
  • Perform start-up and debugging of AV systems
  • Effectively troubleshoot, diagnose and repair any system or component level equipment failures with ability to use and understand various test equipment including a digital multi-meter
  • Effectively perform “configuration level” programming of various systems -Optional 
  • Maintain records by documenting installation
  • Complete all assigned tasks within the specified cost budget and schedule
  • Stay current with all mandatory safety requirements and follow established safety practices
  • Willingly share knowledge and best trade practices with fellow employees
  • Perform other related duties as required or assigned
  • High school graduate (minimum) plus substantial related experience
  • Strong understanding of audio video systems and practical field experience
  • Strong understanding of low voltage systems and practical field experience
  • Familiar with all NFPA, NEC and OSHA codes and standards
  • Power Limited Technician License preferred
  • Must be comfortable working at heights of 3-25 ft
  • Must be able to pass drug test in this drug free workplace setting
  • Clean cut appearance
  • Ability to work nights when necessary
  • Some travel may be required
  • Must have a clean valid driver’s license with dependable transportation
Job Type: Full-time

How to Apply

Please email natalielevi787@yahoo.com.

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