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Technician: Retrofit Installation (EST308)

Retrofitting is generally understood as the process of installing new materials or equipment into an existing building. As electronic designers and installers, your retrofitting projects often involve installing new or updated audio and video equipment for clients whose homes were built before such equipment existed. This course explains the three P’s of retrofitting: planning, patience and practice. This course will cover specific ways to address the challenges of installing equipment and cable into an existing home, and also includes tips and techniques on how and when to use specific retrofitting tools, and includes:

  • Plan a retrofitting project with minimal impact to client’s home
  • Identify standard retrofitting tools; exploratory tools, tools for making holes and wall openings, and pushing and pulling wire
  • List the various construction types and building materials and their impact on the installation of equipment
  • Apply retrofitting techniques in different construction settings

CEU Value: 3.0

With new home projects becoming the exception rather than the norm, learning the fine art of retrofitting takes on even greater importance. Master the Three P’s of retrofitting−planning, patience, and practice−and the tools and tricks of the trade to ensure a great experience for both you and your customer.

This course focuses on specific tips and tools to address the challenges of installing equipment and cable in an existing home. Learn how to:

  • Plan and organize a retrofit project that minimizes impact to the home
  • Select where and when to use specific tools for making holes, pulling wires, and creating openings
  • Implement retrofit techniques in different settings

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