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Network Specialist: Wireless Network Technologies (EST253)

For many, Wi-Fi is the preferred Internet vehicle, and this class will teach you the basics of designing, installing and configuring an 802.11x network.

This course is part of the CEDIA pathway to mastering the network and earning the CEDIA Electronic Systems Certified Networking Specialist (ESC-N).

CEU Value: 3.0

While wired networks can offer greater bandwidth, stability, speed, and security in many instances, the convenience of wireless has proven irresistible to many customers and is sometimes the only option. To ensure the best wireless performance, reliability, and security, you must know the fundamentals of designing, installing, and configuring an 802.11x network.

This course addresses understanding current 802.11x wireless network technology, its benefits, and basic troubleshooting; selecting appropriate network products to meet performance requirements; performing on-site wireless surveys and interpreting results; and configuring wireless devices with correct SSID, channel selection, encryption standard, and security settings. 

Before attending this course, students should have a working knowledge of basic networking, DHCP, and hardwire infrastructure and components.

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