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Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Standardizing Your Business Model (ESB086.B)

Increase your company’s efficiency, profitability, and success with standardization.  Regulate your company’s operations to streamline processes and increase the velocity and volume of predictable, highly profitable projects. Implement policies, procedures, and best practices that, when followed, repeatedly provide expected results.

• Uncover examples of success through standardization
• Discover how to assess where standardization should be implemented
• Discuss how to implement standards

CEU Value: 1.5

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Callis, RonDavie, FL USA ron@onefirefly.com
Instructor, CEDIA TrainingFishers, IN USA
Killen, BrendanKent Town, SA Australia brendan.killen@vaf.com.au
Killen, BrendanKent Town, SA Australia brendan.killen@vaf.com.au
Meads, GeoffCambridge, . United Kingdom geoff@prestoav.com
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