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Technical Excellence: Home Cinema Design Fundamentals (ESD130)

Home cinema is a corner stone technology of the residential installation market. It features in the vast majority of all installations and is an essential skill set for installing companies. The technical design of a high performance home cinema is not a series of subjective decisions. For every parameter, there is a standard that should be observed in order to offer a truly immersive entertainment experience.

The home cinema design school is an advanced course for developing designers and installers. It discusses audio, video and home cinema theory in detail and uses recognised standards to produce real designs with maximum performance.

Course content is split as follows:

Day 1 - Home Cinema for Designers

Day one explores audio, video and other related home cinema theories and how they relate to high performance design. Extensive reference will be made to the CEDIA / CEA Recommended practices and other recognised standards. This course is required for attendees of the second day as material discussed will be required knowledge.

Day 2 - Home Cinema Design Workshop

Day two puts audio, video and home cinema design theory into practice in a workshop format. Attendees will work in groups to develop real cinema designs based on a supplied client brief. The day will encompass the entire design process with each design being reviewed by the group.


CEU Value: 12


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