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Network Specialist: Principles of Networking Workshop

A home network: the heartbeat of the home. As essential as it is to maintain the health of the heart, so too is it essential to understand and maintain the foundation of your client’s integrated system. CEDIA understands how important proper setup and configuration is — for years we have offered hands-on networking training to ensure that your business has the necessary and proper tools.

During this two-day introduction to networking boot camp you can look forward to classroom lectures, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises configuring a home network. This boot camp covers networking cable infrastructure, critical foundational networking knowledge, wireless networking implementation, and network security threats. This boot camp is highly recommended before taking advanced networking courses.

Day 1 -Intro to Networking

  1. What is an IP network?

  2. Packet communications

  3. Networking shape (WAN & LAN)
  4. Common Hardware
  5. IP and the OSI model
  6. Physical layer (connections)
  7. Data-link layer (MAC addresses)
  8. Network layer (IP addresses)
  9. The subnet mask
  10. Basic testing

Day 2 - Wireless Networking

  1. Wireless as a physical layer

  2. How does RF work?

  3. The EM spectrum

  4. Wireless standards

  5. The wireless access point (WAP)
  6. Basic roaming
  7. Managed wireless networks
  8. Positioning access points
  9. Choosing antennas
  10. Wireless surveys & testing


Computer with network port Required

Students must bring a PC (or Mac with Boot Camp or parallels) on Win7, Win10 or later to be able to complete all of the activities during class.


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