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Certification: Renewal Exam (ESC-T)
The renewal exam is available from 6 months before until 6 months after the certification expiration date. The 50-question exam will have a sampling of standard questions from the Job Task Analysis knowledge domains and at least 10 questions representing new technologies, concepts or standards from the last 1-2 years. The time limit is one hour.

Certificate holders may also choose renew their certification by earning at least 30 CEUs. Please refer to the Certification Guidebook for full details on renewal and testing options.

The recommended study guide for the ESC-T exam is the CEDIA Advanced Residential Electronics, Third Edition book, and the most recent content can be found in CEDIA webinars, white papers, podcasts and other industry training sources.

Cost: $75

Taking theExam

The exams are proctored live by CEDIA's testing partner, Kryterion, and make use of teh candidate's webcam and microphone. This proctoring service is available 24/7. Candidates will log into their Webassessor account to download the necessary Sentinel software, create their biometric profile and schedule a time. Exams must first be purchases through cedia.net where staff will verify that a candidate is elibible to take the exam online and provide them with a voucher.

Standard testing policies apply to online exams. More information and specific hardware requirements can be found on the Kryterion Online Proctoring Support Page and in the Online Test Taker Manual .

Click Here to register for the ESC-T Renewal Exam.

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