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Business Toolkit

CEDIA has long been providing technical education and training for integrators. And while technical knowledge is important for performing the system design and integration functions in the technology integration industry, business knowledge is equally crucial in managing a successful and profitable company. Therefore, CEDIA developed a series of whitepapers and templates to help integrators run more successful integration business.

Topics include:
• Why you need a good Chart of Accounts
• Understanding Labour Costs
• Pricing using Markup and Margin
• Change Order management
• Creating a Breakeven Analysis
• Creating a Dashboard

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Immersive Audio and Using the X.Y.Z. Syntax - White Paper

Immersive media aims to increase realism. It describes the technical tools that content creators have at their disposal to better convey their artistic intent and immerse the audience in the narrative. However, that’s the content. Reproducing this intent in the home is the job of the immersive experience designer, a cornerstone of which is immersive audio design.

This white paper supports CEDIA/CTA-RP22 Immersive Audio Design Recommended Practice by exploring the origins and development of immersive audio, clarifying some of the terminology and what the “x.y.z” syntax means, and how to interpret and use it in describing the spatial resolution of immersive audio systems.

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The Integrator of 2027 - White Paper

CEDIA's Technology Advisory Council explored societal and technological trends to provide industry foresight about the business of being an integrator in 2027. This white paper presents its findings, proposing a lesser focus on technology and product-centricity, instead moving to user-centricity and designing hyper-personalized user experiences to improve the human condition. Given the changes and challenges in the way people access and live with technology, this transition will be essential in sustaining and growing business opportunities and profitability into the future.

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Designing Timing-Aware Networks for AV - White Paper

Most of today's home networking applications are primarily concerned with ensuring the integrity of delivered data, but devices and paths are typically not synchronized, so the timing of delivery can't be precisely predicted. However, applications for timing-aware networking are growing, and some network AV distribution systems already use a combination of standards-based protocols and proprietary technology to achieve synchronization. Meanwhile, standards are evolving to broadly transition networks to become inherently timing-aware and deterministic, namely with the IEEE's Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards. This white paper explores the basis, scope, and direction of synchronous and deterministic networks in the home, with insight to system design and implementation requirements that are key to achieving predictable and reliable performance.

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Business Toolkit - Creating a Financial Dashboard

Financial management for increased profitability is one of the most important financial functions in the day-to-day running of a business. All of the required information can be found in the financial statements, but that requires a lot of filtering and interpretation for effective use. The solution is to create a Financial Dashboard to show all of the key metrics that are required for efficient management of cash flow and profitability. This white paper explains the recommended structure and reasonings for creating such a beneficial tool.

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