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Entering the 2020s, the industry has seen the rise of 4K video, increasing frame rates, HDR video, and the emergence of 8K. These changes place huge demands on bandwidth, well beyond the historical, native capabilities of HDBaseT. Now HDMI 2.1 elevates the data rate to 48Gbps, so where does that leave HDBaseT? And what about AV distribution and the rise of AV-over-IP as a scalable alternative to HDBaseT and the matrix switch? This paper explores each of these challenges, including uncompressed versus compressed signaling, HDR compatibility, and HDBaseT domain switching.

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Today’s video compression and IP network capabilities have enabled audio and video distribution to be more efficient, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective, utilizing audio-video over Internet Protocol (AV-over-IP) solutions. AV-over-IP technology has matured over the past few years and is becoming a compelling alternative for distributing high-quality multimedia, by replacing the use of traditional matrix switching hardware in favor of standard IP network switching infrastructure.

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We live and work in an age of sophisticated technological advancements that has made many products an integral part of our daily lives. We rely on technology more than ever before to entertain, educate, sustain, and keep us secure and informed. For these technologies to work properly, we need electrical power that is free from noise, transients, and interruptions, but unfortunately that is not the electrical environment that supplies us with power today. This paper explores the conditions and causes of electrical problems, and the solutions to deliver a better quality of power.

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Colorimetry in video is the field of quantifying color, from perception to reproduction and display. Motion pictures and television drama are realizations of a director’s creative intent. Sports and news broadcasts document real life, and gaming systems generate colorful graphics for interactive entertainment. Irrespective of the source, color is crucial in providing a natural believability, and thereby immersiveness in the media that households consume.

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There are disruptive changes happening in the world of building infrastructure cabling for voice, data, and video. Some of the world’s leading standards organizations have recently updated their minimum requirements and recommendations for which cables should be installed — some say CAT6 or better, while others specify CAT6A as the minimum category cable and OM4 as the minimum optical fiber cable.

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Securing a residential network requires more than merely selecting good hardware and using strong passwords, it involves taking a comprehensive approach to ensuring that all possible attack vectors have been considered.

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This white paper is part of the Integrator’s Guide to Video series. It focuses on the fundamentals of video resolution, as well as which formats and devices to use for a given application. Its purpose is to assist the technology integrator in selecting the right components and technologies for video display and presentation.

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While we spend most of our time indoors under artificial lighting, what do we know about light and its effect on the human body in our homes and offices? This white paper not only answers this question but also defines what human centric lighting and color temperature are and outlines what CEDIA members and installers need to consider with each topic.
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This paper explores the fundamentals of HDR video and how it relates to human vision, and underlines HDR standards, formats and connectivity to ensure compatible system design and integration.

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CEDIA has published a new-look Smart Home Infrastructure Recommended Guidelines to educate homeowners and design and build professionals on the fundamentals of infrastructure for the modern connected home, why to use a CEDIA Certified professional, and how to go about preparing for a professional consultation about their project.
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