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The 2023 market analysis for the USA and UK markets are now closed for participation. Those that have successfully participated, per the campaign terms and conditions, will receive:

A $20/£20 gift card for a large selection of vendors: from cafés, to high street retailers, to your favourite online vendors.*

Full report of the findings ($1,000 value) to benchmark to peers and assess your own market potential.

Supporting a growing community of integrators around the world: CEDIA cannot do it without you!

Thanks to Our Supporters

Ancrage Consulting & Butler University
Our Expert Research Partners

We're excited to be renewing this partnership for a second study. The 2023 Integrated Home Market Analysis research is conducted under CEDIA’s direction by Ancrage Consulting LLC . Ancrage Consulting is a business strategy consulting firm and an affiliate of the Lacy School of Business at Butler University.


research partners

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We are delivering our participation rewards through Tremendous.com. With 1000s of rewards to choose from across the US and UK, we're confident that you will find something to suit you: from charitable donations, to food and drink, to gaming, or your favourite online retailer.