A New Paradigm in Immersive Audio Design Excellence

The new recommended practice for immersive audio design (RP22) redefines how we quantify system performance. This is the first time that system performance metrics are defined by four distinct levels, instead of vague “good, better, best" packages or “low, middle, high" cost models. And the new definitions aren’t just for integrators’ benefit...

With RP22, manufacturers know their products are functioning as intended; customers understand the breadth of what they are paying for.

Having clearly defined levels not only holds integrators accountable, it also elevates our industry to the highest professional standard.

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  • Owen Maddock

    Owner, Cinemaworks

    Being part of the working group was a real eye opener: not just some of the best minds in our residential industry but also great contributions from the studio and professional audio worlds. I’ve learned an incredible amount from attending these calls. The end result is a thoroughly comprehensive design document all integrators can refer to and use to deliver a more emotionally impactful end result, and so better serve the clients, at almost every price level.

  • Keshav Nelavai

    Lead Engineer, Paradise Theater

    The RP22 recommended practices are a big leap forward for the immersive audio and home entertainment industry. At Paradise Theater, we place a high value on performance standards. Standards provide a clear benchmark of the quality of work expected from a design firm, while also encouraging continuous improvement and innovation. With that said, it was an honor to be a part of the panel that developed the standards for immersive audio design. Collaborating and sharing ideas with other industry leaders and experts who share the same end goal of creating amazing listening spaces was a great experience. Innovation doesn't live in a vacuum. It thrives in places where great passionate minds come together. Determining the recommended criteria and practices was truly a team effort.

    Having these clearly laid out performance levels and metrics is essential for consistently designing high-performing immersive audio spaces. It not only pushes us designers and engineers to come up with solutions to achieve these standards but also educates the end users on what is achievable in a home theater. We've already started putting RP22 into practice and have clients who are curious about the different performance levels.

  • Shawn Nageli

    Staff Engineer, Audio, Snap One
    RP22 is a valuable document for any manufacturer or integrator involved in immersive audio.  RP22 brings cohesion to design guidelines and performance objectives when adopting todays modern day audio formats to entertainment spaces.  As a manufacturer knowing the parameters outlined for each of the performance levels in RP22 will help in providing products to our dealers and integrators that can better serve these purposes.  The RP22 working group consisted of a diverse group of integrators, manufacturers, and domain experts.  Having been a part of the RP22 working group over the last 3 years I can attest to the many hours and attention to detail that went into it’s creation to provide out industry with the best possible document.
  • Craig Eggers

    Former Senior Director, Home Theater Business Unit, Dolby Laboratories

    What you have before you is the result of more than three years of work and collaboration by a diverse group of industry professionals, each dedicated to the art and science of delivering great home theatre experiences to a wide range of clients. Our collective industries stand to benefit immensely from the knowledge and guidelines within this document. It has the power to elevate hardware performance, improve system designs and most importantly, elevate knowledge, and professionalism within our industry from the integrator to the marketer. It can be your assist by providing reference guidelines beginning with elemental home entertainment systems ---the majority of our business---up to and including the most demanding studio listening environments.

  • Sam Cavitt

    Founder & CVO, The Cinema Connoisseur

    As the Founder, former CEO and now the Chief Vision Officer of Paradise Theater it thrills me to see our industry mature and establish objective, scientifically based, best practices for the engineering and design of private cinemas and immersive audio spaces. At Paradise Theater we have steadfastly looked to such objective criteria to assure our clientele we have delivered excellence, always! It has been a privilege for our team to participate and contribute in the process of developing RP-22 and we look forward to continuing to participate in continued efforts to fine tune these best practices and develop the best practices for measurement and verification of them as they are put applied.

    As the Founder and Publisher of The Cinema Connoisseur it pleases me to be able to report to our burgeoning community of private cinema enthusiasts the maturing of our industry that this initiative represents. That private cinema connoisseurs who are navigating their way to their own dream cinema can rest assured the meeting and exceeding of their expectations are not a matter of opinion but a matter of scientific fact! Bravo CEDIA!

  • Arnaud Laborie

    CEO, Trinnov Audio

    RP22 is a truly unique document. It has been 8 years of continuous and collective efforts sharing best practices between the most talented experts of our industry about the implementation of state of the art technologies in high performance home entertainment spaces. It was truly exciting to reconcile perspectives from scientists, manufacturers and integrators and discuss every topic to the smallest details.

    In the end, it is not only the first time that so many key concepts are assembled in a coherent and practical way, but also, it introduces breakthrough concepts such as performance grades or unified speaker layouts for immersive sound. It is THE audio design reference document for our industry.

  • Wayne Hyde

    Custom AV Distribution
    I feel a great sense of achievement after being involved with this project. Rubbing shoulders with my knowledgeable and experienced peers during the meetings has taught me more about audio design. The openness of the group has allowed me to share my opinions and experiences. Together, we have produced a reference document that will advise, teach, and support the AV installation industry for years to come.
  • Ben Hobbs

    The recommended practice gives consensus on home cinema design from some of the industry's most knowledgeable individuals. It's a design document and tool that will help guide those designing home cinemas, small and large, old and new to the industry. Having these recommendations allows designers to aim for levels of performance with verifiable benchmarks. The group working on this was led by some of the top minds and those with high levels of expertise within sometimes more niche parts of the industry. It was eye opening to be involved in discussions of the level of detail that was witnessed.
  • Adam Pelz

    Bespoke Cinemas

    One of the most amazing aspects of the RP22 workgroup is the diversity of technical expertise of the volunteers who contributed. Supporting the joint work of CEDIA and CTA are actual A-list movie content creators, representatives for the various surround sound formats, individuals with significant experience in writing other similar documents in the music and movie industries, award winning CEDIA members, theater designers, manufacturers and subject matter experts across many disciplines related to the topic. Such a varied group certainly led to some passionate discussions, but to have so many individuals come to a consensus on very difficult topics is immensely satisfying, and gives me complete confidence in our final document.  

  • John Bishop

    Principal, Bishop Architectural Entertainment Services

    The RP22 document is the most comprehensive resource for immersive audio system design that I have seen anywhere! I was proud to be a contributor among so many other talented and knowledgeable audio experts, design engineers, and manufacturers. RP22 will cause systems to be designed better at every level, and those exploring the upper echelons of performance will be more thoughtful and engineering centric than they otherwise might have been in a world without such a comprehensive sound design resource.

  • Sebastien Gailleton

    Head of Product and Support, StormAudio

    It has been an incredibly rich experience these past three years spending time with so many talented and experienced individuals, scientists, integrators and manufacturers working together to define what makes the sound reproduction in listening spaces optimal. Identifying the key parameters and assembling them into the RP22 recommended practice is an achievement that will change the quality of any room design. It gives integrators the tools to predict and present different levels of performance to their customers, bringing into light in tangible ways all that is involved to design a listening space. As a manufacturer, StormAudio assures that our products comply with the requirements, thus guaranteeing integrators can meet the top performance expectations and offer satisfaction to the end customer. I am personally grateful to have participated in this adventure and look forward to the next step with the performance facts and measurement practice documents.

  • Ben Goff

    Technical Director, Cinema Lusso

    The Recommended Practice for Immersive Audio Design is a game changer: the most complete guide ever written for high performance audio design in entertainment systems. For the first time, integrators have a clear framework to present objective engineering metrics through four easily comprehensible levels. This clarity is revolutionary for our industry. Now, clients, architects, and specifiers can effortlessly discuss performance objectives and compare proposals on a like for like basis.

    The culmination of over 3000 volunteer hours, this Recommended Practice was crafted by some of the most knowledgable subject matter experts in the field, including movie makers, audio format creators, researchers, manufacturers, distributors, and integrators. Created under ANSI accreditation and thoroughly peer-reviewed, rather than the perspective of any individual, studio, format, or manufacturer, this RP represents a collective industry consensus, beyond reproach.

  • Erik Wiederholtz

    CTO, PerListen Audio
    RP22 sets new and clear guidelines for everyone to understand and set the levels of experience a consumer should expect in their next home theater project and how the Integrator will help them achieve those goals. As a manufacturer helping develop these standards it was enlightening to better understand the Integrators problems, how our products can help, or be designed better to solve those problems. The broad experience of the exceptional team of experts involved in the development of the RP22 standard ensures a benefit to manufactures, integrators and consumers alike in the final results.

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Thank You to Our Valuable Volunteers


Peter Aylett

Working Group Chair | Officina Acustica

Peter Aylett

Working Group Chair | Officina Acustica

Peter is a partner at Officina Acustica, a company specializing in hand crafting bespoke Acoustic Interior Design room interiors for performance cinemas. These systems seamlessly integrate acoustics, interior design, and room construction. Renowned for his expertise, Peter is frequently sought after as a speaker and lecturer in the realm of human-centric residential technology and private cinema design and engineering. Over the past years, he has conducted workshops, courses, and inspirational seminars across a global spectrum, encompassing Europe, China, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, the Americas, and the Middle East.

Peter currently serves as Chair of the CEDIA/CTA R10 Standards Committee, is also Chair of the R10 WG1 (audio) Workgroup, has served a term on CEDIA’s Board of Directors and was in 2018 Chair of CEDIA’s Technology Council. Peter is CEDIA CIT, ESC-D and ESC-N, ISF and HAA certified and is a member of the AES and IET.
He is a 30-year+ industry veteran, has been teaching on behalf of CEDIA for 20+ years and was awarded CEDIA’s 2014 Training Volunteer of the year, 2015 EMEA Special Recognition award, and 2022 CEDIA Fellowship. Peter resides near London, UK, and is easily identifiable by his remarkable penchant for floral and paisley shirts, a testament to his exceptional taste.


Chris Adair

Authoring Contributor | Adair Acoustic Design

Chris Adair

Authoring Contributor | Adair Acoustic Design

CEng(Hons) Degree from Imperial College 1986, where I met fellow Music Lovers -Touraj Moghaddam (Roksan, Vertere) and Steve Moore (Cornflake, SMC). Steve and I founded cornflake in 1985 and I’ve been on the path to Audiophile Nirvana ever since, moving from stereo to include cinema when laserdisc appeared. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long for DVD! 

In 2010 I sold cornflake and studied Acoustics at South Bank university London. Since then I’ve been able to apply my discerning enthusiasm for high-end sound and picture designing high end private cinema rooms both in the Uk and aboard. 

I throughly enjoy creating extraordinary high performance rooms for discerning clients, each and every one with its unique challenges. Acoustics is a very tricky science and requires a full time immersion to be able to create spaces that are outstanding.

Christiaan Beukes

Authoring Contributor | Managing Director, Sphere Custom

Christiaan Beukes

Authoring Contributor | Managing Director, Sphere Custom
Christiaan is an award winning designer and specialist in immersive audio experiences, with a particular interest in aesthetically graceful systems which enhance user experiences while maintaining a human touch in an ever automated, and increasingly disconnected world. He's a keen photographer, artist, and foodie who reads extensively, and can usually be found hauling around too many fountain pens, a sketchpad, and at least two paperback books in his overstuffed backpack.

Craig Eggers

Authoring Contributor | Former Senior Director, Home Theater Business Unit, Dolby Laboratories

Craig Eggers

Authoring Contributor | Former Senior Director, Home Theater Business Unit, Dolby Laboratories

Senior Director, Home Theater, Dolby Laboratories, San Francisco, California 2002 -2019
Responsible for business planning, product definition, marketing strategy and execution of Dolby’s multi-channel audio and sound processing technologies to the consumer electronics and entertainment industries, leading a product management team focused on the home space. During my tenure we launched Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Volume Dolby Surround and importantly, Dolby Atmos to the home space

Director Product Marketing and Product Management, Toshiba America Consumer Products   1989-2002            

While also fully involved in product definition and go to market,, I participated as point person for the promotion and launch of DVD-Video in the North American market. During this tenure we introduced the industry’s first consumer electronics products featuring component video output and progressive scan capability.

Earlier, I served as Product Manager, Color Television, contributing  to the successive launches of Toshiba’s TheaterView®, TheaterWide®, and Cinema Series® display products. 

Sébastien Gailleton

Authoring Contributor | Head of Product and Support, StormAudio

Sébastien Gailleton

Authoring Contributor | Head of Product and Support, StormAudio

With more than 20 years of experience in audio/video product development, Sebastien Gailleton has overseen the design of more than 50 products. Beginning his career as an engineer at Phillips UpMarket TV, followed by Harman International, his passion for product development led him to a number of roles in project and program management. Strengthened by his experience, he founded Auris Lab, with the intent of bringing his skills to a broader brand portfolio. This led to engineering and product-management consultancy roles for companies whose products ranged from speakers to audio/video receivers. Finding passion in the Home Cinema industry, Sebastien took on a new task with Auro Technologies, the creator of Auro-3D immersive audio technology—to design a new immersive audio processor platform. This gave birth in 2014 to the first 13-channel audio/video receiver, the Auro-3D Auriga, followed in 2016 by a new range of processors and amplifiers under the StormAudio brand. After a management buyout in 2018, Auro Technologies France became Immersive Audio Technologies, where Sebastien holds the title of Head of Product and Support, still maintaining the same passion for good sound and picture quality.

Arnaud Laborie

Authoring Contributor | Co-founder, CEO, Trinnov Audio

Arnaud Laborie

Authoring Contributor | Co-founder, CEO, Trinnov Audio
Arnaud is passionate about audio innovations that improve sound during production and reproduction. Arnaud has spent 20 years in the industry, covering residential, studios, and commercial cinemas. He has spent 8 years as CEDIA instructor, sharing his expertise in signal processing, acoustics, and immersive sound. Arnaud has 50 patents, and was a key contributor to the working group CEDIA/CTA R10 WG1 (Audio).

Todd Welti

Authoring Contributor | Distinguished Engineer, Harman

Todd Welti

Authoring Contributor | Distinguished Engineer, Harman
Todd Welti was an acoustical consultant for 9 years, doing room acoustics analysis, noise isolation, environmental, and designing lots and lots of sound systems. His thirst for knowledge eventually took him back to school in Denmark in 1999, where he earned his Master's in Acoustics. Working at Harman for 23 years, Todd has had the privilege of working with some wicked-smart people. Some of the many projects at Harman include: 2-D arrays, subwoofer/room optimization, Binaural Room Scanning, and headphone measurement and subjective evaluation.  Many projects included loudspeaker/room interactions of one form or another. Todd currently holds the position of Distinguished Engineer at Harman.