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Discovering the Next Generation for our industry

CEDIA is working to become a viable link between skilled trades talent pipelines (educational institutions, workforce development agencies, community organizations) and industry employers (integrators, distributors, manufacturers). CEDIA is committed to developing programs and initiatives that leverage the strengths of the association and its partners to provide job seekers with sustainable education and career pathways in the integrated systems industry.

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What kind of Jobs do Smart Home Integrators do?

  • Technician/Installer

  • Designer/Engineer

  • Project Manager

  • Programmer

  • Sales

  • Owner/Partner

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Smart Home Average Wage and Salary Survey

Intrigued to know what the average U.S. industry wage and salary is? Find out more by clicking on the U.S. Salary Study. We're also conducting survey's in the UK and APAC (Asia & Pacific). Click on your current location and conduct the survey. 

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