Fostering the Next Generation

It's a key strategic objective to provide career pathways that lead to certification and industry success. Therefore, it is our goal to create a framework for sustainable development of a skilled workforce by focusing on attracting new, young talent to our industry.

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CEDIA has spearheaded the development of the Smart Home Technician Apprenticeship.

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Kickstart Program

Government initiative to get more young people into the workplace and skilled up for a career.

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Kickstart Scheme

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

This scheme is specifically designed to reduce youth unemployment by helping employers hire young people into new, temporary positions. To qualify, employers must demonstrate that the position to be filled is additional, not replacing any existing or planned vacancies. Qualified businesses will get up to £6500 to take in young job seekers, give them six months of work experience, and teach them the skills employers expect from every permanent employee, covering:

  • National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week (the employer can offer and fund more hours)
  • National Insurance contributions and pension contributions normally covered by employers.
  • £1500 toward job-related training and qualifications.
Why should you get involved?  

The scheme is like a “try before you buy” programme for employers, letting you get a new hire trained and test their suitability with no commitment to a full job offer; you could use government funding to find and train your next star employee! The scheme is a great way to support and train the next generation of our workforce, and create a sense of pride and loyalty in your business. 

How Can CEDIA Help?

CEDIA is here to help you: we are absolutely committed to bringing in and supporting new talent within our industry, and we strive to break the stigma often associated with skilled trades. CEDIA is acting as a gateway between the government and the employers who would like to participate in the scheme. We will not only get you started by applying on your behalf, but we will also help you to train your new hires by creating a career skills package tailored to this programme as well as offer basic industry related training.  There are some great resources to help you through this process including Guidance on Choosing a Gateway and Tips For Making a Successful Application.

New Kickstart applications under the CEDIA Gateway are currently closed. Please get in touch with Emma at emcmylor@cedia.org to find out how you can still apply directly as an Employer before the deadline of 17th December 2021.

Apprenticeship Programme


What is the Smart Home Technician Apprenticeship?

Today’s Smart Home Technician (SHT) is the professional who installs, configures, and maintains thehome technology ecosystem: their work objective is to deliver a simple, secure, reliable, and sustainable user experience of integrated home technology, according to industry best practice and within project timelines and scope. The SHT will work on construction sites and in homes with senior colleagues such as a Senior SHT, Smart Home Designer, Networking Specialist, or Home Cinema Designer to create integrated systems using a variety of equipment and services from other suppliers. These projects will vary in size and scale from small homes to luxury mansions, yachts, multi-dwelling developments, and will range from simple component installation to creating a complex, electronic integrated systems environment.

CEDIA has worked closely with integration firms in the UK to create the Smart Home Technician apprenticeship standard, that is now approved for delivery.

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Why should I employ an apprentice?
  • Employing apprentices in your business helps your team develop the skills relevant to your business. 
  • Apprenticeships offer learners career progression and increased confidence, resulting in fulfilled team members, who are loyal to your business. 
  • Apprentices are more motivated at the job and committed to a long-term employment, as they continuously develop their skills over several years. 
  • The availability of degree apprenticeships means there is an apprenticeship for every level of your team, providing your employees with clear career progression pathway. 
  • Employers will receive a £2,000 government incentive for each apprentice employed between 16 to 18-years-old
  • Apprenticeships save you money by cutting recruitment costs and being funded by the government. 
Why should I enroll in the apprenticeship?
  • Apprenticeships enable you to earn while you learn and receive employment benefits, such as paid vacations.
  • Apprenticeships are funded by the government and the employer, which means no student loan, no tuition fees, and no debt.
  • If you are 16-24-year-old, you will receive a £1000 bursary to support you in your first year of your apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeships are a great way to earn a recognised qualification all the way up to university degree equivalent.
  • Starting your career early means there is a lot of potential for you to progress in our career and earn good salary much earlier in your life. 
  • Being an apprentice still classes you as a student, so you still get all students discounts on restaurant meals, insurance, gym membership and more.
  • Apprenticeships make you more employable in future companies, as your future employers will value the commitment to keep a full-time job while completing coursework.
  • Being in full time employment will teach you how to work independently and, in a team, and how to take responsibility for your actions – these are important qualities that are highly valued by future employers.

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