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Busting Technology Myths

Jul 14, 2020, 18:44 PM by Dan McGowan
Designer Myth: The client can hire whomever they want later to install smart home technology.
We know a lot of myths — fair and unfair — architects, builders, and designers may encounter when it comes to including technology in their projects. In this series, we aim to dispel those myths and we’re bringing in some formidable integrators for the job. Myths busted!

Designer Myth: It’s not my problem... The client can hire whomever they want later to install smart home technology. It doesn't affect me now and it’s too much of a pain anyway.
Joel Hernandez -- First Priority Audio
Mythbuster Joel Hernandez is the general manager of First Priority Audio in Pompano Beach, Florida. He says:

“I start by asking (designers) about their own homes and what technology they currently have in their home. This gets them realizing that home tech is unavoidable. By partnering earlier in the process it allows them to not short change their clients and their designs.

If our clients are going to have these systems in their homes — regardless of their design — why not be a part of the solutions being proposed? It lets them have a hand in how (tech) will ‘impact’ the aesthetic design. We even show (designers) how (tech) can enhance our clients’ love of the design by highlighting architectural features with proper lighting design and control.

A home is no longer the structure and the physical assets inside of it... it also includes the mood the home can create and make the owner feel when they're in it. Music and entertainment play a huge role in enhancing mood and increasing the owner's ‘love’ of the space. Plenty of research shows the positive effect of music on mood, and proper lighting design on productivity and health.”

Our next entry in the series deals with tech’s interaction with architecture.