You're Smart — Your Home Can be, Too

More aspects of your home — think energy consumption and renewables, bathrooms, kitchens, leak-detection — can be controlled, monitored, and automated than ever before. If you can dream it up, CEDIA integrators can help make it happen.

Energy, HVAC, & Plumbing

Nearly every room in the home can benefit from modern technology, making your home more efficient and ultimately saving you money. Current technology allows you to monitor your energy consumption more efficiently than ever — and even learns your habits to ensure that your energy bills are lower than ever. Automated, renewable energy solutions — especially solar — can also cut your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Technology’s improving our experiences in baths and kitchens. Kitchen appliances — like stovetops — can be automated to shut down when no one’s attending to the pans. Refrigerators can tell you when you’re nearly out of milk or your favorite veggies. And smart plumbing can detect leaks in the modern home.

A CEDIA professional can integrate all of these systems into your home — and make sure that they all work together properly.

Kitchens and Baths

Imagine a shower that knows the temp that’s just right for you, or a cooktop that prevents you from ever burning another dish. As connected devices increase, the ways we can make our homes not just smarter, but safer — especially for kids and elders — are multiplying rapidly.


Your pool, spa, or hot tub can be automated — and now, leak detection on your home’s plumbing can prevent costly damage. There are devices available that monitors a home’s water pressure, and if an improper drip occurs, those mechanisms can shut off the water main to the home until a fix can be made.


Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system can be automated to save energy by automatically raising or lowering temperature settings based on time of day and occupancy. Modern smart thermostats learn your family’s schedule, raising and lowering the home’s temperature and humidity automatically.


As homes become more efficient, we’re approaching true “net-zero” dwellings — buildings that produce as much energy as they use. With advances in solar technology and automated energy management, your home can either pull from or feed to your local energy grid as needed without any adjustments by you.