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As the authority for the design and integration of technology for people to support their lifestyles, CEDIA is committed to producing ANSI accredited standards and recommended practices that ensure the highest levels of professionalism in the industry. CEDIA has teamed up with the CTA to create R10, a joint working group dedicated to this effort. ANSI mandates a balanced and fair standards creation process involving peer review, open and diverse working efforts, and products that result from all of the working group members’ efforts.  CEDIA standards and recommended practices also form a supportive body of knowledge for the formation or CEDIA Education.

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The purpose of this recommended practice is to establish the design principles, and parameters and testing methods for verifying HDMI connections throughout AV systems, thus ensuring robust and reliable performance.

ANSI-J-STD-710: Electronic Symbol Files

This is a ready-to-use set of electronic files (.ZIP) in six formats (.dwg, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif, .vss) of all symbols that are referenced in the free standard ANSI-J-STD-710.



ANSI-J-STD-710: Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard (ANSI/CEA/CEDIA/InfoComm Standard)

This standard defines a standardized set of blueprint icons that represent all facets of pre-wire and installation of electronic systems, products, and devices in residential and commercial environments.


CEA/CEDIA-CEB29: Recommended Practice for the Installation of Smart Grid Devices
This recommended practice was developed to provide a basic understanding of the issues related to the proper installation and protection of smart grid devices and their connected systems. Home technology professionals should use this publication as a resource for improving their understanding of smart grid installations.
CEA/CEDIA-CEB24: Home Theater HVAC
This recommended practice focuses on sound abatement (ingress and egress) for air handling equipment (including allowing for maximum dynamic range within the listening space), proper air exchanges, and treating equipment racks and spaces to maintain adequate operating temperatures and humidity.

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