Online Recertification Testing 

If you have previously earned a CEDIA Certification, and are more than six months past your expiration date, you are eligible to retake the current version of that certification exam using your own computer at a time that is convenient for you. These exams are also available at a discounted retest fee of $125. 

These certification exams are proctored live by CEDIA’s testing partner Kryterion and make use of your computer’s webcam and microphone. 

How does it work?

1. Register for the exam that corresponds with your previous certification.

The current ESC-T exam corresponds with all previous technician/installer certifications. The ESC-N and ESC-D align with previous networking and designer certifications. 

CEDIA will verify your previous certification and provide you with a voucher and link to the Webassessor testing portal.

Need a refresher? View the current Exam Blueprints, Practice Tests, and recommended study resources.

2. Create a Webassessor login and set up your biometric profile.

This will involve downloading the Secure Sentinel software and using it to take your picture. In short, you will need a webcam (integrated or detached), a microphone, a clean, quiet room, and an internet speed of at least 1Mbps. Download the Online Proctored Exam Guide or visit Kryterion’s Online Proctoring Support page for detailed system requirements, instructional videos, and online chat support. 

3. Schedule your test time.

The online proctoring service is available 24/7. You can use your WebAssessor account to view results and reschedule an exam if needed. Keep in mind that cancelling an exam appointment or rescheduling with less than 72 hours’ notice will incur an additional fee.

4. Take the Exam.

Login to your Webassessor account at the scheduled time and hit “Launch.” This will open the Secure Sentinel software which will ask to verify your identity again and start the test. During the exam this software will lockdown your screen so that you are only able to see the test. The proctor (Located at Kryterion’s headquarters) will be monitoring the test using the webcam and microphone. They may pan the room with the camera and will issue alerts if any suspicious behavior is detected. Each exam session will be recorded, and CEDIA will review any exam session as necessary.  


Email certification@cedia.org.

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