Recognizing that there are regional differences in how COVID-19 is affecting our industry, CEDIA is launching regional roundtable events to bring integrators and manufacturers together virtually to share insights on how they’re conducting business during these unusual times, how to market their services in this time of crisis, and how best to prepare for recovery.

Fostering a sense of community and being facilitated by manufacturer reps and distributors, these events will give members the opportunity to engage with experts from a variety of industries including marketing and finance who will offer advice and provide survival tactics for the months ahead.

More dates and times for the discussions will be forthcoming – stay tuned.

Did you miss previous Roundables? Watch the recordings below. 

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Upcoming Regional Roundtables

CEDIASTRONG Roundtable: Kiwi Market Update
Wednesday, 14 October 2020 - 9-10 a.m. NZDT

A lot of people think of New Zealand as Australia’s little brother. They believe that if something works in Sydney then it will, of course, work in Auckland. But that simply is not reality. 

In this Roundtable, Paul Skelton will be joined by representatives of Retail NZ, the REINZ and the NZIA as they talk about the unique market conditions in New Zealand that both help and hinder the progress of the local systems integration industry. 

CEDIASTRONG Roundtable: Australia: Social Media Marketing
Thursday, 19 November 2020 - 8-9 a.m. AEDT

Marketing your company on social media may seem easy, but in reality, it is time-consuming and riddled with challenges. We have all seen instances of somebody’s life being ruined because of something they have said, perhaps innocently enough, on social media. 

So, how do you navigate this complicated new world? Do you really need to share every single thought you may have? How important is it really to engage with people on social media, and on which platform? 

Join CEDIA regional development independent consultant and former magazine editor Paul Skelton, social media maven Katie Ressa and PR communications and marketing specialist Salvatore Di Muccio as they look at what you should and should not be doing online. 

CEDIASTRONG Roundtable: CEDIA 2021 in Australia and New Zealand
Wednesday, 9 December 2020 - 8-9 a.m. AEDT

2020 was indeed an unusual year, with bush fires that ravaged the eastern states of Australia to a global pandemic that left untold devastation in its wake. In the past 12 months, CEDIA has persevered in Australia and New Zealand and has continued to look for new opportunities to grow into the future. 

So, what are the plans for 2021? From increased training and networking, to new member benefits, 2021 is set to be an absolute humdinger. Join Wendy Griffiths, David Meyer, and Paul Skelton as they outline the plans for the next 12 months and answer your questions about the future. 

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