We have had phenomenal attendance & feedback to the webinars we have hosted on a range of topics in response to COVID-19. If you have not yet listened to them, here is a list of past webinars and the links to the recordings.


Virtual Leadership and Employee Engagement
In this webinar, CEDIA's Samantha Ventura will teach you how to align employees with the organization’s direction and priorities, set clear performance expectations, and build trusting relationships among teams.

The U.S. Economy and Your Business: Where to from Here?
How is the economy tied to the markets in the US and around the world? How can government response mitigate – or exacerbate – an astonishing and sudden downturn like the one we’re experiencing? Is a quick recovery – what’s called a “V shape” – likely, or will things slowly creep back to pre-pandemic levels? And most importantly, how can this affect your business during – and after?
In this webinar led by Leslie Shiner you will earn how to determine  the importance and impact of managing cash flows and how it directly affects the bottom line, review considerations needed to prepare an adjusted cash flow forecast, and create an Adjusted Cash Flow Forecast to manage different ‘what if?’ scenarios.

Finalizar un proyecto: El último cinco por ciento
Esta clase aborda todos los recursos internos y externos, desde llevar un proyecto a su equipo de ventas hasta entregar un sistema de alta tecnología a su cliente con todos los elementos.  El saber manejar esta proceso a través de comunicación y coordinación adecuada hará que tu empresa sea más reconocida y estar a un nivel mas alto de la competencia, sus clients serán más felices y su vida menos estresada.

EMEA: Business Survival Post COVID-19
How can you minimise the impact of this global pandemic on your business? Luke Desmond of the UK’s Crisp Accountancy has advice. Luke will help you understand what to consider immediately, offer tips to build resilience in your team and family, provide a template for creating your Business Continuity Plan, help craft supporting information so you can engage with your suppliers, employees, bank and advisors to drive empathetic and effective conversations, and summarise the ways in which you can fast track the development of your plan.

Expanding Opportunities as a CEDIA Outreach Instructor
As a CEDIA Outreach Instructor (COI), your role is to educate various members in the Design Build community about our technologies with a goal of building a relationship that translates into sales. Not all lunch and learns directly result in a sale or a lead. So how do you set yourself up for success? In this webinar, we discuss some real-world experiences from other COI’s on how to turn your CEU opportunities into successful relationships, including how to target clients to how to follow up after the class. 

Understanding the Business Impacts of COVID-19
As part of the CEDIASTRONG initiative, market research specialists, The Farnsworth Group explore and explain the results of CEDIA’s COVID-19 Impact Survey. Covering the U.S., Canada, and UK regions, this presentation covers topics such as project bidding, ongoing jobs, impact on current operations, and near-term outlook.

Top Five Pivot Opportunities for Integrators
Now is the perfect time to pivot on strategy, rethink opportunities and come out of the other end of this crisis as a stronger company able to embrace new opportunities. This webinar suggests five pivot strategies including practical ways of developing them now to then implement once the lockdown pedal is released enough to do business again.

Setting Employee Expectations in Our New Normal
Our world is not the same. COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. With these changes, we are finding the way we have managed our employees is not effective in our “new normal.” This webinar will help you reset expectations with your employees as we all adjust to the reality of work as we know it. We will discuss setting expectations, holding our employees accountable, and driving behaviour to performance success.

The Benefits of Being a CEDIA Subject Matter Expert
CEDIA’s amazing team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are responsible for creating industry standards and best practice, reviewing, creating and delivering education courses, contributing to and reviewing CEDIA’s books, advising CEDIA leadership on industry trends, and helping to guide CEDIA’s ever growing bank of industry resources. This panel session looks at the role of an SME and discuss how getting involved brings a huge return on investment of the time spent. We also discuss how to leverage the credibility of being an industry recognised SME, as well as how the collaboration involved develops lifelong friendships and community.

Taking a Strategic Response to Adversity
In light of these unique and difficult times, we recognize everyone is navigating uncharted waters. As we experience a sense of detachment from our peers and team members and become acclimated to working remotely, this new environment has placed additional stress and challenge into each of our lives. While we await changes that will, no doubt, continue to occur in the weeks ahead, we want to offer ideas, perspectives, and tips on how to manage our responses in productive and impactful ways. This session will focus on bringing awareness to (1) How we are responding to the challenges from recent events, such as limited interaction with our co-workers and new distractions from home, and, (2) How to manage our approach using awareness, and optimism, among others, to guide the way.

How Businesses are Managing Volatile Markets
Now more than ever during these uniquely challenging times, understanding the in's and out's of volatile markets can seem like an especially daunting task. In this webinar, we will take a deeper look at how businesses are currently navigating volatile markets, and learn how businesses can follow a specific strategy to manage their money better. We will learn more about the present state of global economics, as well as current market dynamics.

Everything You Need to Know About CEDIA’s New Technician Certifications and Learning Pathways
CEDIA recently announced major updates to two technician certifications coming in 2020 and a comprehensive new set of learning pathways. These new opportunities for professional development cover the essentials of what every technician should know for success on the job and growth in their career. These initiatives were launched by the new CEDIA Certification Commission and supported by data in the recent industry-wide Technician Survey. This webinar discusses the details of the new certifications, how they fit into CEDIA’s wider vision for certification, and when individuals can begin transitioning to the new certifications. Technicians and business owners will learn how to make the most of CEDIA’s new educational resources

Discounts: The Kiss of Death
Discounts are the kiss of death on any project. In an ideal world, clients never ask for discounts. But we do not live in an ideal world and discounts threaten our survival every day. This entertaining and interactive class will address the issues around discounting head-on. How do you respond to that deadly question? Hint: it’s all about creating and delivering value. Rich and a special guest will share their horror stories and successes around negotiating for a positive outcome. You’ll leave this webinar with new insights about estimating, value engineering, negotiating with creative confidence, and increased profitability.
Are Clients Buying What You’re Selling
So, you've designed the most fantastic complex and sophisticated system for a client but how are you going to get them excited about it without scaring them off? In this webinar we look at how more can be less and think about how we can tailor our sales pitch around the benefits the system will deliver. It's often too easy to focus on all the line items in the project, the reality is that most clients will see each of these as less money in their wallet! We round up with some thoughts as to what new opportunities might look like as our world tries to return to normal (whatever that was anyway!), after all, where there is adversity there is opportunity.

The Importance of Soft Skills in a Technical World
While it’s true that technology is a vital part of the success of virtually every organization, there is a very real need to utilize strong soft skills in every aspect of your job and in most areas of your work place. This is particularly true during our recent experience of a global pandemic in which using technology has become the staple to much of our work’s success. Often we find ourselves putting our soft skills on the back burner due to looming deadlines, countless virtual meetings, and the need to balance our work and home life with only so many hours in the day. However, using a strong combination of soft skills with the technology we share to complete our daily tasks, can aid in the overall performance and accountability of our staff. Join me for this webinar in which I take the topic of soft skills in the workplace and enhance it a bit, with real life tips to better infuse soft skills into the daily work we are currently completing.

India: Expanding Opportunities as a COI
As a COI instructor, your role is to educate various members in the Design Build community about our technologies with the goal of building a relationship that translates into sales.  Not all lunch and learns directly result in a sale or a lead.  So, how do you set yourself up for success? In this webinar, we will discuss some real-world experiences from other COI’s on how to turn your CEU opportunities into successful relationships, including how to target clients to how to follow up after the class.  We will also cover how to develop a business plan that keeps you focused on your goals.

Innovative Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent
In this webinar, TierPM provides innovative methods for talent attraction and recruitment as well as best practices for the development and retention of skilled talent. As we are currently experiencing a global pandemic, TierPM also provides short-term and long-term changes in strategy for talent attraction, retention, development, promotion, and retention associated with COVID-19.


A Deep Dive Into Video Compression
From mezzanine compression for content capture and post-production, to deep compression for content distribution, to the choice of compressed vs uncompressed for the final hop to the display, this webinar led by CEDIA's David Meyer takes a look at the types of compression, when it’s good and when it’s not.

How Vulnerable is Your Client's Home Technology to Cybersecurity Threats?
We know cybersecurity threats are real but just how at risk is the technology you install in your client's home to cybersecurity attacks? In this webinar hosted by Mike Maniscalco we'll talk about the shocking statistics and introduce methods and tools to assess the security of the smart home systems you install and service.

CABA Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS)
This webinar will give you a high-level look at how IoT and the services these technologies enable in the connected home will shift from product-led to service-led and the complex path to get there.

Success with Videoconferencing: Technologies Overview and Best Practices
This webinar will explore the hardware and software necessary to successfully support high quality videoconferencing experiences as well as review some of the recommended practices for users adapting to working with the new communication platform.

New Lighting Technologies: The Changing Face of the Dimmer Rack
Is the dimmer rack still the same? What new lighting technologies are there, and what will be their impact on the rack? Lighting used to be straightforward, but advances in technology and communications have added a myriad of possibilities. This webinar takes a look at new and existing lighting technology and protocols to prepare you for a successful installation.

Wi-Fi 6: The Next Generation in Wi-Fi
This webinar explores how Wi-Fi 6 has been designed to address some of the basic wireless networking issues and provide High Efficiency Wi-Fi, covering topics such as OFDMA, Resource Units, and SSID Coloring, along with design considerations and guidelines.

The Business of Calibration
Gerry Lemay of Home Acoustics Alliance and Joel Silver of the Imaging Science Foundation have developed the industry leading best practices for calibration of Audio and Video respectively. On this webinar they will teach you about the various options and recommendations related to program structures, pricing models, sales strategies, and value added tools/materials to provide to your clients.

Viral Innovation: The Overnight Transformation of In-Home Entertainment
The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a shift in business for many industries and the entertainment industry is no exception. With some first run movies being distributed direct to consumer and ISPs lifting data caps, what does the future hold for commercial cinemas and the content creation and distribution process? John Penney, EVP, Consumer Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Twentieth Century Fox, looks into his crystal ball to see how key players may change their models now and what that could mean for the future of content creation and distribution.

Diseño de Salas para audio envolvente
El audio inmersivo ofrece la posibilidad de vivir experiencias realistas en los cines en casa, pero también crecen los retos con los nuevos formatos, especialmente con configuraciones de altavoces no compatibles con audio 3D. Con esta presentación usted aprenderá qué es el audio inmersivo, los 3 formatos principales de audio inmersivo y las distribuciones recomendadas de altavoces para cada caso. Adicionalmente, el curso explorará las restricciones encontradas en cines en casa de alto desempeño, y planteará propuestas para unificar las distribuciones de altavoces. enfocándose a múltiples oyentes.

An Introduction to Smart Home Technologies as Assisted Living Solutions
There is a growing desire within the integrator community to utilise smart home technologies in order to enable clients and/or their loved ones to live in their homes more independently, maintain their health and wellbeing. This desire has become even more pressing given the issues arising from the need for individuals to self-isolate as a result of COVID-19. This webinar is intended to provide home technology integrators with an introduction to this market, it will highlight some of the ethical and safety-related issues that have in the past acted as barriers to the use of smart home technologies in this domain.

Cybersecurity para negocios
Los Integradores CEDIA trabajan con líderes ejecutivos, familias y políticos de todo el mundo y su privacidad y seguridad debe ser nuestra mayor preocupación. En un mundo donde los ciberataques específicamente dirigidos se vuelven más comunes y la oportunidad para llevar a cabo las amenazas aumentan de manera constante, es fundamental que identifiquemos y evaluemos los riesgos existentes para los sistemas de nuestros clientes. Una sesión excelente para dueños de empresa y gerentes para tener un negocio al día.
The Rising Tide of Mass Sensorization
Name a smart device that doesn’t have some form of sensor in — we bet you can’t, because it doesn’t exist. In today’s world, if you’re not paying for it, you are it: advertising, marketing, everything around us. The big data economy of tomorrow is today through human 2.0, the six S’s, and the smart city. This session will take a deep dive into our daily interactions with “harmless” technology and will cover how to tackle the constant grapple for subconscious control of our information, our wallets, our devices, our lives, and the subtle — yet “smart” — subversion of our perception, and how to leverage this to leave customers more enriched, engaged, and enlightened.

Lighting Controls: A Paradigm Shift
Lighting design is undergoing a seismic change right now and this webinar will explore the new world in-depth.The mass adoption of LED lighting technology, coupled with the possibilities of integrating it into digital systems, has sparked an explosion of new products and applications. Home technology integrators must understand and equip themselves to handle the paradigm shift in lighting that is sweeping the industry. This webinar will detail disruptions, as well as help integrators gain a better grasp on their key role in developing well-designed, sustainable smart homes.

Iluminación simplificada a 3 Elementos
El mundo de la iluminación es vasto y apasionante, además de representar una oportunidad de negocio para integradores, simboliza la combinación perfecta que complementa y da dimensión a cualquier proyecto, por lo cual repasaremos los fundamentos de Iluminación básicos para empezar a conceptualizar elementos necesarios para desarrollar profesionalmente proyectos de iluminación residencial.

Sneak Peek! – Home Cinema Audio: CEDIA Recommended Practice Gets an Overhaul 
CEA/CEDIA CEB22 – Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design was a landmark document that set a baseline for audio performance in a home cinema and media space environments. With advancements in technology and client expectations, CEB22 has been in the process of an extensive revision and update to include immersive audio environments and new performance levels. For the first time in the world, a prestigious group of engineers, installers, equipment manufactures, and protocol engineers have come together to create grades or performance levels for immersive audio. Watch this webinar to gain exclusive insight to the profound ramifications the new document will have on the industry now and in the future!

It’s Been a Year, What’s Changed
Yes, it certainly has been 'a year' since we met last year in Denver, and in more ways than one. Looking at our part of the world, that means that it is time for CEDIA Fellow Michael Heiss’s annual updates one where things stand. While you’ll have to wait until 'CEDIA Virtual Expo' to experience full courses, this will hopefully whet your appetite. In this session, Mike will give you a hint of what to watch on the entertainment services, display, 5G, WiFI and HDMI connectivity, streaming devices, LED display fronts and much more. Consider this as an appetizer and then register for the full courses in September!

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