Typical Experience

1-3 years


Candidates must agree to the terms and conditions listed in the CEDIA Certification Code of Conduct.

Candidates must actively hold the Cabling & Infrastructure Technician (CIT) certification. The CEDIA ESC-T will also satisfy this requirement.

Candidates must have verified experience installing integrated systems meeting at least one of the following criteria.

  • One year of direct work experience – Experience is verified by a reference such as a supervisor, business owner, HR Manager, or product supplier. Verification can also be in the form of redacted documentation such as performance reviews, tax statements or client referrals.
  • Completed education program – Courseware must address each of the six knowledge domains and be at least 60 hours in length with at least 15 of the hours being supervised, hands-on activities.


$200 - CEDIA Member, $300 - Non-Member

 Exam Length

3 hours, 150 items

 Certification Length

3 Years


Submit renewal application, $60 fee, & code of conduct agreement.

  • Submit renewal application, $60 fee, and code of conduct agreement.
  • Attend approved 3-hour IST Technology & Standards Update Course and pass a post-course knowledge assessment
  • Earn 30 CEUs from relevant education and industry engagement activities


This certification represents a technician who can work independently to perform all functions related to the pre-wire (First Fix) and trim-out (Second Fix) phases of a project including troubleshooting common errors and verifying system functionality. Certified technicians follow best practices to properly mount and install a wide range of home technology equipment in racks and throughout a residence. They understand the basic concepts of how audio, video, and communication and control devices work, and perform the basic configuration of various integrated systems and equipment. This certification indicates to employers that a person has experience, possesses a broad range of essential technical skills, and is ready to pursue more specialized and advanced training on specific technology systems. This certification will be live for beta testing in January 2021.

Who should take the IST?

The IST Certification is for individuals who have solidified their core technical skills through time on the job and developed an essential knowledge base either from on-the-job training or focused education programs. This is CEDIA’s most widely held credential as it represents the technical foundation necessary to perform the most common tasks of every installation project.

The Cabling & Infrastructure Technician (CIT) certification is a prerequisite to the IST certification. Any experience technicians seeking certification will earn that credential first, as it covers essential foundational material that technicians should possess even as their skills and daily tasks expands to work more directly on installing and configuring equipment and technology systems. Experienced individuals who plan to take these exams in quick succession may submit a single application for both exams and receive a $100 discount. Under this arrangement, the exams must both be completed within 6 months of application. 

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Exam Blueprint Summary

Please view the full IST Exam Blueprint for the complete list of knowledge and skills covered.

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