New CEDIA Technician Certification Updates 

CEDIA is pleased to announce that major updates and improvements are coming to the CEDIA technician certifications. These changes are the result of a strategic initiative to expand the certification program and establish a clear pathway of rigorous technician certifications developed to highest quality standards. With support from the industry-wide Technician Job Task Analysis Survey, the following certification blueprints have been set.


These two certifications must be earned progressively, and together represent the technical foundation of the industry. The exams cover essential knowledge and skills needed for professionals to independently perform the core technical tasks of any installation project. The intermediate-level IST certification will be the foundation from which professionals can pursue higher-level, specialist certifications that demonstrate proficiency in specific topics such as networking, design, lighting control, etc. CEDIA is looking to expand on the number of specialist certifications such as the ESC-N and ESC-D following the completion of the new technician exams.    


These new certifications will be replacing the ESPA EST, CEDIA ESC, and CEDIA ESC-T certifications. Current certification holders should reference the following documents and FAQs below to understand how they can earn the new certifications. 


September 2021 – Networking Specialist Job Task Analysis Survey is conducted. The results of this survey will inform an updated certification framework. Work on the updated Networking Specialist exam will begin in late 2021.

September - October 2021 –  Beta testing begins for the new Integrated Systems Technician (IST) certification. Current holders and new candidates are highly encouraged to test. The beta test will be offered at a discounted price and candidates. Results will not be available for the beta exam until it has closed, the passing score determined, and the full IST exam is released. The ESC-T will no longer be offered after the IST is live.

November 2021 – IST Beta results are released, passing individuals are rewarded the IST Certification, official IST test form is finalized, and full exam is launched to the public.

Early 2022 – Beta Exam of Networking Specialist

Interested in earning the new IST Certification?

Fill out this quick form to let us know and we will notify you when registration is available for the new exam. We can also confirm your eligibility status regarding pre-requisite exams.

CEDIA Technician Certification Updates FAQ

  • Why are the certifications changing?

  • Why are there new names and where did they come from?

  • I was planning to take the ESC Certification, should I still take it?

  • I have the ESC Certification, what do the changes mean for me?

  • I was planning to take the ESC-T Certification this year, should I still take it?

  • I have the ESC-T Certification, what do the changes mean for me?

  • Are the ESC-N and ESC-D changing?

  • Who oversees CEDIA Certification?

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