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Cables, Connectivity, Testing & Verification

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Starts 10/17/2022
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Cables, Connectivity, Testing & Verification
17th October 2022 
The need for a proper cabling infrastructure is essential in any custom installation project. Most homes provide little of the wiring needed for true system integration.
The first half of this workshop will show attendees the various cables and connectors used in integrated residential systems and demonstrate how to build a future-ready wiring environment. Attendees will learn how to terminate, test, and certify the wiring installation. 
With a wide range of technologies, equipment and signal types in play, it’s normal to expect a few hiccups during installation time, but it is imperative that smart home installers know how to test, locate problems, and rectify faults in an efficient manner. The second half of this course prepares installers for these situations and teaches a wide variety of test techniques and troubleshooting methodologies. This is an interactive workshop with practical exercises using a range of tools, test and certification equipment, giving attendees the vital hands-on experience required to advance their skill set and industry knowledge.
Topics covered include:
  • Recognising the various cables and connectors
  • How various cables and connectors are used
  • Recommended connector termination methods
  • Practical exercises with various cables and connectors
  • The basics of structured cabling systems
  • Using patch panels and wall-plate modules
  • Basic testing methods for structured cabling
  • Identifying the correct test equipment for a range of electrical and data related systems
  • Using a data cable qualification tool to test data infrastructure
  • Processes for finding, fixing, and verifying various smart home systems
  • Common stages of the test and commissioning phase in a smart home project
Course Location
CEDIA Training - Unit 2 Phoenix Park, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 8EP.
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CEDIA Member - £179 + VAT
Standard pricing - £249 + VAT
(This course is part 1 of the 3-day Smart Home Essentials package. See our Event Calendar to purchase the full package. For more details on training, please call Emma McMylor on 01480 213744.)

Meet the Instructor


Geoff Meads

Presto Web Design

A 25 year veteran of the AV business, Geoff runs Presto, a web design and online marketing agency that specialize in the Hi-Fi, home cinema and residential technology markets (http://www.prestoav.com). Presto opened for business in 2009 and is now an award-winning web design company with an array of web and social media clients from across the home technology sector. He leads complex marketing and web build projects on a daily basis and is also a professional teacher covering a wide range of industry topics. Geoff is lead instructor for CEDIA EMEA training in the UK and lead technical judge for the CEDIA Awards. He is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA) and holds CEDIAs highest training certification, the CEDIA Certified Instructor (CCI). He specializes in audio, video, IP networking, business, marketing and engineering skills. He has taught literally hundreds of AV professionals in numerous technical subjects across six continents.

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