CEDIA Education FAQs

Don’t know where to start with your education? Interested in learning how to become CEDIA certified? CEDIA Education offers a wide variety of courses and delivery methods for home technology professionals at every level.

Browse the CEDIA Education FAQs on the most commonly asked questions or contact the CEDIA Education team at education@cedia.org.
  • How does CEDIA Training prepare me for a career in home technology?

  • How can I participate in CEDIA Training?

  • What training should I start with if I’m new to the home technology industry?

  • Do I have to take training in order to sit for a CEDIA certification exam?

  • How many CEUs do I need to keep my CEDIA certification status active?

  • Do CEDIA members receive savings on CEDIA Training?

  • How do I become a CEDIA Outreach Instructor?

  • What is the CEDIA Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Program?

  • What is a CEU?

  • What is the CEDIA CEU award structure?

  • How can I check my Certification and CEU status?

  • Can I obtain CEUs by taking courses that are not taught at CEDIA events?

  • Do I need to show proof of any courses that I am taking that are not taught at CEDIA events?

  • Will my current CEDIA Certification remain valid if I obtain an additional CEDIA certification?

  • What subject areas are covered by CEDIA Training?

  • How do I enroll in online education?

  • How do I access online education content after checkout?

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