Networking Specialist School

This education pathway provides a strong foundation for technicians who are interested in advancing their professional knowledge through a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of networking.

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Technician: Networking Specialist School


TCP/IP has become the dominant communications and media transmission protocol for the home technology industry. It is essential to understand both the theory and practice of IP in order to design and implement reliably. In addition, with wireless infrastructures being asked to handle ever more demanding applications, it is also critical that these are designed and implemented in a robust and reliable fashion.

To meet these demands, CEDIA has created a whole suite of IP Networking courses to improve the understanding and skill set of attendees within the industry. The course will enable attendees to implement TCP/IP connected hardware in many of the situations encountered in the residential environment.


Class Schedule for Networking Specialist School
Date Location Type
12/12/2022 CEDIA EMEA Classroom

There are no prerequisites recommended for this course.

AWE Europe LtdEpsom, Surrey United Kingdom
CEDIA EMEASt Neots, Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

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