Technician: Technical School


CEDIA's Technical School is the second part of the City & Guilds Smart Home Technician accredited programme, and is essential for the ESC-T certification exam.

These courses build on the knowledge and skills obtained during Basic Boot Camp, and develops them to the level of a senior technician.

This course will cover almost the complete curriculum required for the CEDIA ESC-T Certification exam, as well as applying the theory to real-world situations


Class Schedule for Technical School
Date Type
September 2020
9/28/2020 Classroom
November 2020
11/23/2020 Classroom

There are no prerequisites recommended for this course.


Detailed Syllabus
  • Basic Wired and Wireless Networking

  • Home Cinema and HD Video Distribution

  • Smart Home Control and Lighting Systems

  • Project and Business Processes

  • Rack Building and Wiring Fundamentals

In This Section

Who should attend?

  • Junior technicians with some/little industry experience
  • Technicians looking to enhance their existing skills
  • Anyone seeking to become a City & Guilds Smart Home Technician
  • Those looking to become CEDIA ESC-T Certified

What's included?

  • CEDIA Advanced Residential Electronic Systems Book
  • The CEDIA ESC-T certification exam
  • Lunch and refreshments

ESC-T Certification

Prepare for the ESC-T examination by viewing the requirements here


  • CEDIA Members: £999 + VAT
  • Non-members: £1,499 + VAT

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Thursday, September 17, 2020
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Thursday, September 17, 2020
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