Home Cinema Audio Calibration

Discover the ultimate training package for audio calibration for entertainment spaces. Covering everything from the fundamentals and central requirements, to advanced design and calibration techniques; both in theory and practical environments; this training package will assist you in creating the best possible sounding cinemas fo your clients.

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Course Cost

Members: $2,500
Non-members: $3,000


Class Schedule for Home Cinema Audio Calibration School with HAA Certification Bundle
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There are no prerequisites recommended for this course.


What is covered in the HAA Calibration School with Levels I-III Package?

Level I Online: Home Cinema Design Certification

This class explores the fundamentals of proper home cinema acoustical design principles and explains the central requirements of a high-performance design which are based upon state-of-the-art scientific research and extensive field experience. The concept of the “Acoustical Framework” is introduced as the central design concept explaining the importance of all acoustical elements in achieving a delicate balance based on their inter dependency. While the material is technical, the class will focus on creating a clear understanding using basic terminology and discuss ways for integrating proper acoustical design with modern interior design preferences using classroom discussions of real world design challenges, best practices for client discussions, and how technical excellence and knowledge can drive business goals.

Days One and Two In-Person: Level II Integrator Certification

This portion of the program focuses on advanced design and calibration and is evenly split between classroom education and hands-on workshop activities. This portion of the program leverages the design principles introduced in part one and expands them with more technical explanations and examples. It discusses acoustical principles to create a deeper understanding of design standards aiming to prepare the learner with better problem-solving skills. During this part of the program, learners will experience the HAA TurboCal process which has been specifically designed to support an efficient and practical audio calibration process; we will calibrate a live system during the workshop. Training high points include learning how to use an FFT and RTA analyzer, how to be a pro listener, calibration documentation, advanced sub-woofer calibration, speaker and seating placement, and designing a practical acoustical treatment strategy.

Days Three and Four: Level 3 Advanced Integrator Certification

This final stage of the program is an all hands-on session designed to bring all the prerequisite training to the test. The workshop session pulls all the information and techniques from the previous program elements into a fantastic review and cements the concepts for the most complete understanding. The learner is tasked to incrementally design and calibrate a high-performance system. The HAA PowerCal process will be used to produce a system that will meet the highest performance metrics. Additionally, several eye-opening instructor-led learning sessions will be conducted with the live audio system. You’ll understand subwoofer placement, room modal analysis, speaker/seating placement and acoustical treatment design from both a theoretical and experiential point of view. This class will forever alter your perspective on audio and reveal new opportunities in building high performance systems.

CEDIA is proud to partner with the Home Acoustics Alliance to bring this comprehensive educational program to the industry. The HAA has been an industry leader in education on the topics of audio and acoustics for over 18 years. HAA graduates include some of the best integrators and manufacturers in the business. Additionally, HAA Certifications are recognized throughout the world as the mark excellence and professionalism in audio design and calibration.

 Who should attend?

Technicians who are wanting to learn how to calibrate or brush up on old calibration knowledge. Please note: you must have completed the Online HAA Level 1 pre-requisite course included in this package before attending the in-person HAA Levels II & III portion of the training.


Students will be required to:

Complete a survey prior to coming to the facility about possibly COVID exposure and if they have had symptoms. If the survey is failed, they will not be permitted to enter CEDIA HQ.
Complete daily temperature checks
Wear a face mask at all times when in the building

Due to social distancing recommendations from the CDC and local agencies this class will be limited to 8 students. Reserve your place in the class today!

Note: No refunds of expenses incurred due to COVID-19 related cancellations, either on the part of the student or CEDIA, will be issued. If student cannot attend training, registration can be moved to a future offering or a refund issued.

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