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Starts 9/23/2020
Ends 9/23/2020

With a wide range of technologies, equipment and signal types in play, it’s normal to expect a few hiccups during installation time. With so many connected systems and a myriad of reasons why things just don’t play ball, it is imperative that smart home installers know how to test, locate problems, and rectify faults in an efficient manner.

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This course prepares installers for these situations and teaches a wide variety of test techniques and troubleshooting methodologies.

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying the correct test equipment for a range of electrical and data related systems
  • Using test equipment to measure a variety of electrical parameters within AC and DC circuits
  • Using a data cable qualification tool to test data infrastructure
  • Processes for finding, fixing, and verifying various smart home systems
  • Common stages of the test and commissioning phase in a smart home project

CEU Value: 6