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Starts 11/9/2020
Ends 11/10/2020

Advanced Video Calibration School with ISF Level III Certification 

ISF is a living, breathing, ever evolving thing, made up of professionals around the globe. We are all striving for video perfection from the movie set all the way to the new HDR display in a home theater, and the technology changes that are rapidly coming to fruition must be fully understood and addressed in all aspects of picture quality. This is why ISF Level III has become so critical.

CEDIA HQ | Indianapolis, IN

November 9-10, 2020


REGISTER - 1300.00


The true cost of these visually powerful advances is not simply the cost of new displays, it is updating infrastructure and mastering the new skills required to design, integrate, and test the HDMI signal paths that are required to bring these new features to our TV screens.

Since the release of HDMI 2.0 and the onset of 4K/HDR products and content, calibration has become secondary to successfully distributing the correct signal. Our mission at ISF is to deliver the best picture available to the end user and to match the director’s intent. It is paramount to the mission to get the complete and correct signal from the source through any repeaters in the HDMI network all the way to the display.

Very few integrators have successfully taken the dive into distributing 4K with HDR because the signal exceeds the limitations of most of the current infrastructure in homes and businesses. CEDIA integrators have either put in systems with 4K and no HDR, limit the system to 1080P SDR, or they put the sources in the room with the HDR display. None of these compromises are necessary. We cover this at length to help you confidently sell and install these high bandwidth products and systems without the need for any shortcuts or compromises.

We are now seeing the second Golden Age of television. With more studios producing high-quality content, we are seeing inconsistencies between professional studio and broadcast monitors. The only way to ensure that the look of a TV show or film matches what the creators intended is to verify that all the monitors used for the project are using the same white point, and if not, calibrating all of them to the standard so they match. Current generation displays have shown us of the most dynamic, colorful, sharpest images we’ve ever seen. The best flat panels are capable of a near reference quality picture, and today’s projectors are dynamic and powerful. We are happily surprised to see TV’s and projectors at even entry and mid-level prices calibrating well and giving customers a good bang for the buck.

What is covered?

Coming out of ISF Level III, you will have the knowledge to teach customers about picture quality and be able to confidently explain why investing in a better TV or projector is worth it. This will all contribute to more margin and better sales, ultimately increasing the bottom line. All of this and more is covered in ISF Level III.

You will need a laptop computer for this course.

Who should attend?

Technicians who are wanting to learn how to calibrate or brush up on old calibration knowledge. Please note: You must have completed the Online ISF Level 1 Pre-requisite course before attending this training.

Course Cost

  • Member rate: $1,000 USD
  • Non-member rate: $1,300 USD


Students will be required to: 

  • Complete a survey prior to coming to the facility about possibly COVID exposure and if they have had symptoms. If the survey is failed, they will not be able to come on-site
  • Complete daily temperature checks
  • Wear a face mask at all times when in the building

Due to social distancing recommendations from the CDC and local agencies this class will be limited to 8 students. Reserve your spots before they are all gone.

Note: No refunds of expenses incurred due to COVID-19 related cancellations will be issued. 


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