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Starts 7/20/2020
Ends 7/20/2029

The Pre-Test Assessment will provide you with a score report broken down by each of the four exam domains. This report will help you better identify what additional training is needed to pass the exam.

Please Note: The CEDIA Designer Certification exam was updated for a global audience in 2019 with any region-specific content or codes removed. All units of measurement are listed in metric and imperial. This 40-question practice test is currently under revision to match the global exam. Until the revision is complete, please note that a few questions may be geared towards a US audience, but this is not indicative of what is on the actual exam. 

Free to both members and nonmembers. You must register for the "class" and check out to gain access.



The Pre-Test Assessment is broken down into four domains and consists of 50 questions. A score of 74% is required to pass the Electronic Systems Certification - Designer (ESC-D) exam.

Evaluating Your Pre-Test Assessment Results
If you passed and feel you are ready to take the exam, register for the exam . If you did not pass or feel you need to prepare more, analyze your scores against the  ESC-D Job Task Analysis. Carefully evaluate your results of the Pre-Test Assessment in each of the four domains. Review the Exam Preparation Resources Guide and visit CEDIA Training to help decide your course of study.

The recommended study guide for the ESC-D exam is the CEDIA Advanced Residential Electronics, Third Edition book.

Accessing the Pre-Test Assessment
After registering, the Pre-Test Assessment will be available for 90 days.

To access, log in to cedia.net and select My CEDIA then My Training. Select the Pre-Test Assessment then Online Components.

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