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The webinar will present the key findings from a landmark research project undertaken by Frost & Sullivan. The project titled “Cybersecurity and the Connected Home,” was commissioned by CABA  to evaluate the issue of cybersecurity in the context of connected homes, and explore the risks and susceptibilities associated with it. Given that cybersecurity vulnerabilities are already present within the connected home and could potentially impact further market penetration of connected home products and solutions as a result of consumer skepticism and perceived risks, Frost & Sullivan's research sought to understand the implications of this disruptive trend on end customers, vendors and their value proposition, and, ultimately, the business ecosystem of the connected home.

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The research examined the issue of cybersecurity in the connected home from the perspective of consumers, vendors and service providers, industry associations, and think tanks. It referenced an existing body of literature in the public domain that pertains to this issue to corroborate findings obtained through consumer and industry research processes.

Connected homes are a fast-growing market segment, driven by ubiquitous connectivity, smart mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, the emphasis on connectivity and convenience to enrich consumer lifestyle experiences has exposed the connected home environment to the increasing incidence of cyber threats. This research confirms growing consumer concerns about connectedness and the critical need for industry participants to counter skepticism with an actionable strategy combining secure solution development and deployment practices, organizational and industry led best practices, and, more importantly, an ongoing plan for mitigating cyber threats for their businesses and end customers.

Frost & Sullivan is pleased to co-host this session with CEDIA for its membership, and hopes this report and its findings will drive attention to this key industry challenge and encourage effective dialogue among industry participants for creating awareness and exploring collective initiatives for addressing cybersecurity.

The presentation slides and an executive summary of the research are included with this archived webinar.

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