Members Celebrate Their Anniversaries, Part 4

Ed Wenck | Jan 08, 2019
As CEDIA turns 30, we talk to members who are celebrating successful businesses.

How has your company changed since it was established?

Carol Burrow – Majik House (20 years): We have reshaped and reinvented ourselves over and again — the size of our  company means we can quickly adapt and be flexible in an industry that changes almost daily. There is no bureaucracy to hold us back. The products, of course, have changed immeasurably, and less is more in terms of what the client sees when your project is complete.
Daniel Soler – DBD Electronics, Inc. (25 years): We grew from strictly sound-oriented to becoming quite proficient in smart home technology. We are Control4 dealers which gives us the ability to provide a connected home solution to our clients.

Keishi Matsuzaki – GLANCE Co.,Ltd (10 years): I think when I established the company, networks were not an important infrastructure in the home. Now it’s critical.

Jenny Hudleston – Clever Association (15 years): Artistic Sound & Cinema has evolved from initially being an AV company to providing related technologies, like networks, surveillance, lighting control, home automation, and more. What is somewhat less common is that we often assist our clients with interior design. For instance, we might advise clients on space planning, lighting, custom cabinetry and millwork, flooring, etc., and bring in other contractors for these other disciplines. Our goal is to bridge the gap between art and technology in our designs. This is why “Artistic” was always in our company name. We don’t want to just install electronics; we want to improve the way people live in and enjoy their home.
Steve Moore – SMC (25 years): It has grown, obviously, and carries out work in a number of categories — including security and lighting — that we didn’t before. Robin Courtenay and David Smith joined in 2003 with their own expertise, and we’ve learned a huge amount from all the people we’ve had with us over the years, and our suppliers and customers too. Probably the greatest change has been the shift from “stuff” to “service,” especially as atoms have been replaced by bits. This has enabled the growth of our 24/7 aftercare business which now turns over around £2m each year.

Louis Clarke – ECS Services Pty Ltd (20 years): Like many start-up organizations, all aspects of the daily operations from sales, procurement, and administration to estimating, technical support, and installation were handled by the founder in his garage. Since these humble beginnings, ECS Services has grown considerably with our headquarters located in Castle Hill. We also have strategically positioned satellite offices in Queensland, Victoria, India, and Indonesia. Operating from each of these sites enables us to cover the entire Eastern Seaboard of Australia. ECS currently employs over 68 staff who support core business systems within our organization.

Guy Singleton – Imagine This (20 years): The industry has evolved from being very much a niche activity and is becoming far more mainstream. We have seen technologies come and go but the thing that amazes and excites me the most is the way that people are embracing their home technology now. It’s not just for geeks; people from all walks of life are seeing how technology can add to their enjoyment of their homes and lifestyles. We have evolved to adapt to the ever-changing horizon of new technology and products, but we have also made a conscious effort to become particularly distinguished for our home cinema and lighting expertise.