Make Your Mark, Part 1

Ed Wenck | May 07, 2019

Earlier this year, CEDIA announced the launch of the CEDIA Member of Excellence Program. This highly anticipated program aims to celebrate excellence by allowing companies to demonstrate their company’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to their clients, investing in professional development and certification, technical excellence, and serving their industry.

Since its launch, a number of members around the world have engaged with the program with two, ConnectedWorks and Homeplay, having already earned the Member of Excellence designation and many more are on the path to gaining the Member of Excellence or Advanced Member status. CEDIA catches up with some of these members.

What was the primary reason for engaging with this new program?

Owen Maddock, ConnectedWorks: We’ve achieved a lot as a CEDIA member company in the four years since we joined. I’ve engaged in the volunteer program to create the new Home Cinema and Media Rooms CPD and serve on the CPD task force, and last year, we were honored to receive our first CEDIA Award, having been recognized as a Finalist in 2016. We carry all the advanced certifications: Designer, Networking Specialist, and Technician, and we maintain our education and training.

That’s quite a lot of stuff to explain to clients. The Member of Excellence designation lets us show off our achievements in a simple and easy-to-digest format. It’s also great to have impartial, independent confirmation that we really are as good as we like to think.

James Radcliffe, Homeplay:
 We had all of the credentials in place — certified staff, client and trade supplier references, a volunteer on staff, and CEDIA Award Finalist recognition — so it would have been remiss of us not to apply.

Albert Mizrahi, SmartLab: We want to make Mexican clients and architects aware that there are professional and committed companies in Mexico that are capable of doing home automation projects with the same or higher levels than anywhere else in the world. It is for this reason that we have applied for the Advanced Member status.

Jan Martens, Woelf: CEDIA has helped my business a lot in the past — especially through the training that they offer. When I heard about this new program, I thought that it was a good opportunity to get more involved with the association, as it allows my company to be viewed as a truly professional business to clients, designers, and architects.

Nick Caripis, BNC Technology: It’s always important for us to differentiate ourselves from other companies in this industry, and I think that this CEDIA program is a good opportunity to achieve this.

Mark N. Lynch, Quality Sound & Video: I have been a CEDIA member from the beginning, and I believe the CEDIA brand makes a difference in the minds of our customers.

What do you see as the main benefit for becoming a Member of Excellence or Advanced Member company

Maddock:  The obvious benefit is that as a Member of Excellence company, we’re at the top of the list in the CEDIA Finder service in any search we’re geographically a part of and above the Advanced Members or companies with certified staff. Provided you’ve got a good Finder Service entry with pictures, text, and logo, it means more enquiries for us. I recently had a really nice job come in from 80 miles away because we had the best Finder Service entry in the region.

Secondly, by being a Member of Excellence, we know that we’ll be first in the queue for PR and marketing opportunities from CEDIA in our region, as and when they come up.

Radcliffe: This status is something else that will help set us apart in an increasingly crowded market. We believe that we are among the best at what we do, and having an independent third party verify that we are helps demonstrate our value to our clients.

Mizrahi: We see the main benefit as being prestige among our market and our industry. When selling projects or services, your name matters a lot.

Martens: The industry that we work in is a growing market, with loads of integrators offering the same services. We see the main benefit of becoming a Member of Excellence as setting ourselves apart from our competitors. We always look to offer the best service, educate others to improve the industry, and lead the market — a reason as to why we were the first member in Belgium, the first company to win a CEDIA Award in Belgium, and now, the first business to become a Member of Excellence company in Belgium.

Caripis: Differentiation amongst competitors and competitive advantage. We want to be able to highlight that we add value and expertise and create a sense of certainty that when a client buys from us, that we have been in the industry for a long time and are a stable company. 

Lynch: It demonstrates that we have been involved in our industry at a high level since we commenced operations.