How They Did It: Small and Mighty Media Room

Ed Wenck | May 30, 2019

After presenting the client with their ideas, M.E.G.A. AV Installations was given the go ahead for a media room in a one-bedroom apartment. Due to the small footprint of the room, the integrator designed a custom AV wall unit that could house all required equipment and the client’s extensive CD collection. The idea was to complete one half of the unit in a high gloss “piano finish” so that when the large TV switched off, the whole floor-to-ceiling section would look like a glossy feature wall panel.

To deliver the required sound quality, M.E.G.A. AV Installations opted for slim, in-wall KEF Ci4100QL speakers. The speaker back boxes had enough depth to deliver full-bodied sound, while the TV recess was deep enough to house a Future Automation pull-out-and-swivel PS60 bracket and a 65" Samsung UHD TV. The bracket allows the client to watch TV when in his open-plan kitchen.

Since all equipment is housed inside the custom unit, easy access was very important. The small racks are on wheels and can be pulled out for servicing or adding components. Each rack is powered through small PDUs with circuit breakers to allow for easy power cycling, should components need restarting. The unit was designed with both air-flow channels on the back and side walls to allow for natural ventilation. As there are only a few components in each rack, the total BTU was quite small and easily managed with in-built ventilation channels. The project won the 2018 CEDIA Award for Best Media Room, Level I.

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