Stuff to See and Do (and Eat) in Denver

Ed Wenck | Jun 05, 2019

Sights and Eats in Denver

Headed to Denver for Expo 2020? The Mile High City’s long been a favorite of Expo attendees, but since some folks are new to the show (and seeing that Expo hasn’t been to Denver in a few years), here’s a few recommendations from a pair of locals in the know.


David Thomas, whose firm Momentum Group is based in Denver, says that the city has “been quite a foodie destination for a while. There are a ton of options. For everyone that's going to be staying in the downtown area, I definitely recommend getting into the LoDo neighborhood, which is just west of the Convention Center. Union Station is a gold mine."

Carol Campbell, managing director of Technology Insider Group and co-publisher of Technology Designer, agrees with Thomas, adding, “I’m also a fan of  The Nickel inside Hotel Teatro. The food is stunning.” Campbell’s also done the legwork on a couple of vegetarian eateries: “A dear friend has told me that City, O’ City is excellent. And I’m very fond of Watercourse — they bill themselves as vegan comfort food.”

Sights and Such

Both Campbell and Thomas are fans of the Denver Art Museum, and, “Expo’s again in September, of course, and given the time of year the Botanical Gardens are not to be missed,” says Campbell.

Thomas also recommends Larimer Square, “old historic buildings that are just a tram ride away.” Plus, says Thomas, “Everybody should take a look at what's going on at Red Rocks. We're a little biased, but it really is the best place to see a concert.”

Up for a hike? “You don't have to go Red Rocks at night for a concert,” says Thomas. It's fifteen minutes away from Denver. And there are all kinds of hiking trails that are not too strenuous up there, but absolutely beautiful.

"The other thing that I'll add is more up in Carol's neck of the woods: it's called Chautauqua Park, right outside of Boulder, Colorado.” And if you’re in Boulder for any length of time, Carol Campbell advises that you check out who’s playing at the Boulder Theater.

If you’re a sports fan, the Expo scheduling gods have done you right: Baseball’s Rockies are at home during the entire run of the show (playing the Cardinals and then the Padres), and the NFL’s Broncos take on the Bears on Sunday after Expo wraps.


David Thomas notes that craft beer fans who visit Denver won’t be disappointed: “Denver is one of the Craft Brew hubs of the United States — but, in addition to beer, what's become a huge deal now is hard cider.” Thomas suggests Googling beer or cider in the River North (or “RiNo”) neighborhood, noting that “you’ll hit upon a bunch of places that are super hot, trendy, and a lot of fun.”

Lastly, Carol Campbell mentions the Giant Weed in the Room: “And yes, there are also places to buy pot.” But even if you’re not partaking, Campbell says a trip to a local dispensary shouldn’t be an automatic pass. “These are super smart, educated people who are doing good merchandising — they hire really, really educated salespeople who know their stuff, and it's an impressive retail experience for anybody in our channel that's trying to provide, a terrific customer experience. I think it's worth that just from a pure research standpoint. And a lot of these places sell non-THC CBD products,” says Campbell.

And if you do, um, choose to indulge? “Patxi’s Pizza delivers,” says Thomas.