How They Did It: The Statement Cinema

Ed Wenck | Jun 13, 2019

The photos tell a good bit of the story: This client wanted “a statement piece.” Everything here needed to be state-of-art, from the décor to the system performance to seating for 12. A Barco 4K Thor projector provides the image to a Stewart Filmscreen Director’s Choice Screenwall, while no less than 29 speakers provide audio drama via a Trinnov-based system that provides immersive sound in multiple formats.

REAL’s work with the Erskine Group ensured a noise floor below 22dB in the room, even with the dedicated HVAC system running. Additionally, the integrator tells us the project includes “fully mechanically isolated and damped walls, and custom 350-pound doors (manufactured by the Erskine Group) with full seals and sweeps.”

The quality here extends beyond what the client sees — CEDIA’s judges note the excellence of the racks. The finished product brought the team at REAL Audio Video a Finalist nod at the 2018 CEDIA Awards (Best Home Cinema, Level IV, Americas).

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