How They Did It: Artful Alleys

Ed Wenck | Jul 11, 2019

This whole-home integration by Big Picture Solutions features a truly stunning and artful bowling alley that picked up trophies in the 2018 CEDIA Awards for Lighting and Documentation, and the entire project took a finalist nod for Best Integrated Home, Level IV (Americas, 2018). The home doubles as a gathering place for fundraisers for charities dear to the family’s hearts.

Beyond the alleys, the rest of the home’s lighting is state-of-the-art: “The exterior offers 17 floodlights, 32 carriage sconces, and 179 Garden Light fixtures that are powered by Lutron Ecosystem and seamlessly integrated into the home control network,” says the team from Big Picture Solutions. Additionally, “Strategic lighting and timed shade deployment are absolutely essential for showcasing the hundreds of rare and fine art collectibles stationed throughout the interior. Light sensors had to trigger shades to move with the sun in order to maximize ambient hues and protect artifacts from direct sunlight.”

>AV systems in the house feature Totem audio and Sony 4K TVs, and the home’s security features include 14 4K cameras and Elk security systems.

Big Picture Solutions
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