How They Did It: The Winery

Ed Wenck | Nov 15, 2019

The award for Innovative System or Solution is all about the manner in which tech solutions have addressed a need or problem outside of what might be the normal purview of a CEDIA integrator. The sprawling project that won this award this year is a winery — while it’s a commercial project, so many aspects of this business demand a residential “feel.”

The complexity here is something: Pacific Audio & Communications says:

“The client needed to monitor and control not only the lighting, safety, climate, and audio and video systems that you’d find in a home integration, but also needed comprehensive energy management and industrial controls. The owner also desired that the building management system that allowed the management team to schedule and adjust lighting scenes, manage access control, irrigation, and specific winemaking processes.”

And it’s those winemaking processes that are a really unique feature of this project. There are controls that handle everything from precise regulation of temperature in the tasting room and the caves where barrels are aging to a remote-controlled irrigation system that gets data from local weather reports and an online rain monitor.

The efficiency of the heating and cooling system is a marvel, too, using waste heat from the exhaust of this building’s generators. This takes care of warming the building and can be applied to the on-site fermentation process.

CEDIA’s judges took note of the systems that gave this winery its residential feel. Lighting scenes can be triggered by time events or occupancy, the distributed video system can handle everything from sales presentations to surveillance feeds, and the audio system allows the user to tweak each individual zone of sound.

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