The Last 5%: Wisdom from Our Members (And Some Others, Too)

Ed Wenck | Jul 20, 2020
Last 5 450“The toughest part of a job? Sometimes it’s the last 5%.” – Anon.

I think we’re about to have a fundamental debate about broadband – Is it private? Private with subsidization? Or is it a mandatory service? -- Ball State Professor Michael Hicks, PhD, on how the pandemic will impact connectivity in the U.S. from the CEDIA Podcast “Broad Economic Trends”

Now’s the time to say “What is our process for figuring out if we’re making money or losing money? What is our process for figuring out what part of our business generates the most revenue?” One of the benchmarking numbers we look at all the time is revenue-per employee – I like that number, because even if your books are a mess, hopefully you know what you sold last year and how many employees you have. – Leslie Shiner (The Shiner Group) on analyzing your books during a downturn from the CEDIA Podcast “Adjusting Your Business Model”

By 2021, we will be the leading standards organization within our industry. – Dennis Erskine (the Erskine Group), former CEDIA Board Chairman and present chairman of the Certification Commission from the CEDIA Podcast “Certification and Legal Update

I looked back at CEDIA’s research and reports from last year and the year before. There were trends there: more robust networking, cybersecurity, and so on, that haven’t changed at all. The only change? Those trends are accelerating. – Wim de Vos (Genesis Home Technologies) on COVID-19 impacts from the CEDIA.net post “After the Lockdowns”

You are not alone. You are part of a worldwide industry association that, through the years, has created a special bond that uniquely connects our members. Together, we will overcome this crisis. – CEDIA CEO and Global President Tabatha O’Connor in the video announcing the rollout of the CEDIASTRONG inititaive

This feature is part of the Q3 2020 edition of CEDIA Communicates.