How New Land Solutions Transformed Their Business with KNX

CEDIA | Feb 16, 2021


Ten years ago, New Land Solutions was a B2B infrastructure specialist. A large percentage of their work was installing cabling and supporting containment materials. It was a steady and profitable business which saw them became established as the voice and data experts.

This reputation resulted in a demand for residential AV installations, bespoke connections, and building automation projects. We caught up with Luke Newland to talk KNX, training, and how it has transformed his business.

How did your journey with KNX Start?

We were involved in a large project on a listed building (EDITOR’S NOTE: a protected structure with historical significance [for our U.S. readers]) that needed a solution to make use of the existing wiring. The design specification also included antique bronze push button switches. After researching and testing many products, we discovered and installed KNX. The project was a huge success and grew to over 400 lighting circuits, alongside the heating and AV elements. We knew this was only the tip of the iceberg though and that this was a solution which could open doors. It was complementing the work we did in AV perfectly, but we were inexperienced with the vast product range at the time

What has KNX meant for your business and the projects you complete?

I’ve always been upfront about my appreciation of great designs and solving problems. I love working in the custom install environment. KNX ensures we can work with high-end products and create unique solutions. The most commonly-referenced project is our hidden cinema. This is one of those projects that proves if you can think it, there is a way you can execute it with KNX. The craziest ideas become reality. Your world opens up.

I’ve lost count of how many KNX jobs we have out there now. The list of manufacturers and devices is constantly growing. It’s not a solution you can get burnt with.

Why did you train in KNX rather than other systems?

KNX has many benefits, making it very hard to recommend any other systems. Coming from a background in infrastructure and AV, some of the benefits that stood out include:

  • The fact it is established with 25 years of consistency, meaning considerable peace of mind for clients.
  • An unlimited combination of options and styles to match any environment. We’ve been able to build some show stopping cinema rooms because of this; KNX is compatible with over 500 different manufacturers.
  • A bus cable system, which can be installed next to the power cabling.
  • Advanced heating and BMS controls.
  • Completely transparent feedback from KNX devices, allowing for fast and logical fault finding. AV products can be notoriously hard to troubleshoot but KNX can eliminate that.

Nine years later, our installs continue to grow and we are taking further control of the buildings, including window treatments, energy monitors, and replacing large trend platforms. Each emerging building technology trend expands our business, and KNX has been a great success story for us.

What advice would you give to readers who are new to KNX?

My first tip would be to get yourself and your team trained. CEDIA works with experts to provide a range of courses to suit different levels of knowledge and roles within your business. You should also purchase a small system or starter kit to practice on. Then it’s just a case of trusting KNX and it will grow your business. We use it now for anything mission critical. It has also changed the way we manage AV with control solutions.

Don’t be scared. There is so much help and training available. Every project we do now is better than the last. The guys at Ivory Egg are always on hand to support you as well. You’ll never be alone on your KNX journey.

Finally, research all the KNX products – they have more than one use!

KNX in the Home – 17th March (AM USA/PM Europe)

CEDIA is running an online learning event called “KNX in the Home” that will provide a great introduction to KNX, a peek at the product range, and a dive into the integration possibilities. You can register for this free event now at cedia.net/knx-in-the-home