Fresh, Focused, and All for You: CEDIA Education at CEDIA Expo

Dan McGowan | Jul 28, 2021

The eyes of the industry are turning toward Indianapolis in the weeks leading up to CEDIA Expo 2021 and the opportunities for personal and professional growth continue to come into focus. Also, not for nothing: we're all going to be back in-person!

As you've come to expect, this year's slate of CEDIA Education courses is loaded with offerings covering technical subjects and ways to build your business acumen, but CEDIA has also baked in a tremendous amount of learning flexibility... around 100 courses will be offered on-site at the Indiana Convention Center and more than 50 courses will be available on-demand August 31 – September 30, 2021.

To help spark your imagination for what's possible, here are select courses -- before or after you've acquired your All-Access Education Pass -- that have room for you, but are filling up rapidly:

Home Theater Audio and Acoustics

This comprehensive, three-part series is filling up quickly and it will examine all aspects of surround sound system design: from room analyses to help predict performance to loudspeaker facts and fallacies and room configurations to real world applications, equipment selection, and placement. Available in-person.

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How to Develop Business Processes That Work

If the business depends on the owner to function, processes need to be put into place so that the business can run on its own and grow. This course will discuss the importance of processes, how to create them from scratch, and how to evaluate them for efficiency using tools from Lean Six Sigma. Available in-person and on-demand.

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The Art of Managing a Multi-System Project Workshop

Process standardization increases profitability and ensures jobs are completed correctly the first time. This course will help you gain tools to enhance communication, process flow, and organization in projects. Available in-person.

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AV-over-IP: What, Why, and How

As video distribution over IP networks quickly gains favor over matrix or splitter-based distribution systems, this course will delve into some of the most important aspects of AV-over-IP and what distinguishes it from other technologies. Available in-person and on-demand.

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Integrating Custom Voice Control for the Whole Home

Alex Capecelatro and Tim Gill of Josh.ai will walk you through the various hurdles to well-performing voice control systems such as linguistics, acoustics, semantics, and labeling to help improve the performance of your systems. Available in-person.

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Completing a Project: The Last 5%

Learn about the tried-and-true methods for identifying factors that help or hinder project completion so you can achieve increased efficiency and increased profits. Available in-person.

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User Experience Panel: Grace in Design

For your customers, the final user experience is critical to their long-term satisfaction and perceived value. This panel of industry experts will break down the critical areas of interface design to support an outstanding user experience. Available in-person.

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Advanced Surveillance Systems

Cover the essential elements of design and deployment for the ever-evolving world of surveillance systems: from Digital HD and IP Camera systems to camera selection and settings to integration challenges and more. Available in-person.

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Future Technologies: The Inside Scoop from Silicon Valley

A 90-minute session that has become a CEDIA Expo stalwart: Rich Green will focus on the impact of emerging technologies in custom integration. Available in-person and on-demand.

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Human-Centric Lighting

Lighting can be everything for a home technology integration project and this course from Al Bourke and Victor Menendez will dig into lighting's effect on human psychology.

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