Ultimate Lifestyle Home

Jessica Guyon | Jan 03, 2023

CEDIA Award Winner APACIn 2009, AVD Australia was contacted by a disgruntled client who was experiencing ongoing issues with the technology in his home. A commercial integrator had delivered the existing systems which were disparate, poorly specified, only rudimentarily documented, and programmed ineffectively—the sum of which was creating massive frustration for the end users. Over the next nine years, the client sought AVD’s help for bare minimum maintenance and upgrades, finally deciding to give his home the technology overhaul it deserved in 2019. 

The brief was to create a simple and powerful user experience utilizing the best-in-class technology across all electrical and electronic sub-systems. The client wanted the technology to meld seamlessly both into his family’s lifestyle and the home’s striking design and architecture. Above all, he wanted to ensure his home was safe and secure. 

The AVD team spent the next eight months bringing this vision to life without interruption, even amid COVID restrictions, and while the home remained fully occupied. 

A Delicate Balance of Tech and Design 

CEDIA Award Winner 2021 APACThe client’s expectations were extraordinarily high because of his experience with high performance lifestyle products and assets. Luckily for AVD, he was also brand agnostic with a nearly unlimited budget which gave them plenty of room to play. 

At the home’s core, a Crestron PRO3 sits controlling the back end of the system with ease while a Savant Pro Host manages the simple yet powerful user interface on the front end. This was a bit of an unusual choice, as systems integrators would normally suggest merging two primary control systems to be a folly; however, this was the only way to deliver exactly what the client wanted. 

Savant acts as the primary graphical user interface, leveraging the benefits of TrueControl II within the Apple iOS environment to create plan-based controls. The clean and intuitive interface includes “pinch and zoom” functionality enabling a quick and easy overview only available with Savant. Crestron (SIMPL) controls the comprehensive under layer of distribution hardware and integrated systems. Through custom-built gateways and servers, AVD made this once un-integrate-able system a seamless experience. 

Even with the presence of such powerful technology, carefully placed wall controls, handheld remotes, and floor-plan based iPad controls keep the architecturally designed wonder unscathed. 

Weaving Technology into Everyday Routines 

Once the technology was in place, the AVD team worked closely with the family to uncover their daily routines. The client informed AVD that he begins each day with a 5 a.m. workout session before the rest of his family is awake. 

To ensure his safe passage to the home gym, the team programmed floor lighting to illuminate a pathway without waking the rest of the home. Upon arrival, the temperature, music, and TV are already set to his exact liking. 

Beginning at 7 a.m., the rest of the home is awoken gently as the blinds and curtains gradually pull back to let in leaks of sunlight. Throughout the rest of the home, the fountains turn on, the doors unlock, the perimeter security beams transition from alarm to detection mode, and the family’s favorite news station plays on the TVs in the kitchen. 

During the day, the home feels like an extension of the outdoors with expansive views of Sydney Harbour on full display. In the evening, the environment transforms with whole walls of glass closing in to achieve a secure and snug environment. To top it off, the blinds automatically close, lighting is set to the preferred mood, and the family can choose from several preprogrammed scenarios for audio, video, HVAC, and security. 

A House Made Home 

At the completion of the project, the client was eager to participate in the CEDIA Awards, and even suggested the title “Ultimate Lifestyle Home” for the way the way AVD considered the details of his preferred activities and routines to create a space that functioned exactly for him and his family. 

In reflecting back on the work of his team, Founder and Managing Director of AVD Australia Sandy Howard noted, “I’m proud of the way my team worked through difficult times to ensure our company was well represented, our client’s interests were respected, and the project was completed to comply with not only CEDIA’s standards, but our own internal standards, where compromise isn’t in our dictionary and excellence is everything.” 

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Equipment List

  • 2N  

  • Almando  

  • Apple  

  • Blustream  

  • CCTV  

  • Crestron  

  • DoorBird  

  • Foxtel  

  • Future Automation  

  • Hikvision  

  • Logitech  

  • Parasound  

  • Samsung  

  • Sangoma  

  • Savant  

  • Socomec  

  • Sonnex  

  • Ubiquiti  

  • Yealink