CEDIA NextGen: Attracting New Talent to the CEDIA Channel

Rachel Tindall | Feb 08, 2023

CEDIA Develops the CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit 

As the leading global authority on education, certification, research, standards, advocacy, and community awareness for the smart home industry, CEDIA has made a significant commitment to addressing the workforce development needs of the channel by launching CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit. 

CEDIA has spent the last few years working to become a viable link between industry employers and talent pipelines (educational institutions, government agencies, and community organisations). It has done so by developing workforce development initiatives designed to leverage the strength of the association and its partners to provide meaningful engagement experiences and educational opportunities that lead to sustainable career pathways in the industry. 

Building on the momentum created by established initiatives (details below), the new CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit is aimed at industry employers who are interested in engaging potential new talent and increasing community awareness about their businesses and the local industry.  The toolkit includes: 

  • Ready-to-use resources for outreach and awareness about the industry to colleges, technical schools, etc. 

    • Industry promotional video 

    • Industry overview and career pathway presentation 

    • Industry fact sheet 

    • Jobseeker brochure 

    • Industry promotional poster 

  • Outreach messaging examples 

    • Job descriptions 

    • Written correspondence 

    • Phone scripts 

  • Insight into the industry and career pathways 

    • Skills needed at each stage 

    • Average salary ranges for each title 

    • Industry-recognised credentials, including CEDIA’s own, that will help candidates stand out against competition 

The toolkit has been designed to complement and enhance CEDIA’s current workforce development initiatives, which include: 

  • Securing local member champions to conduct “boots on the ground” outreach aimed at establishing and maintaining relationship with talent pipelines. Local champion activities involve: 
    • Building a coalition of local industry employers
    • Connecting and networking with local skilled trades pipelines
    • Communicating the size, scope, and talent needs of the local industry
    • Validating CEDIA’s role as an industry association that offers education and certifications valued by local industry employers
    • Advocating for CEDIA’s Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT) and Integrated Systems Technician (IST) curriculum and certification to be included in new or existing local education programs 
    • Serving as a guest speaker and/or exhibitor at local events designed to connect jobseekers and employers
    • Sharing successes and challenges with CEDIA and volunteers in other communities
  • Hosting an online “self-service” Career Center platform where jobseekers and industry employers can create profiles, connect, and access resources 

  • Providing networking and engagement opportunities for potential future talent at industry and partner events 

CEDIA NextGen: Smart Home Career Toolkit – like all of CEDIA’s workforce development initiatives – will only be successful if the association, its member companies, and talent pipelines are working in tandem in local communities where employers and talent (existing and future) live, learn, work, and play. 

For more information about the toolkit or CEDIA’s workforce development initiatives, please visit www.cedia.net or contact Tommy Tabor, Director of Workforce Development at ttabor@cedia.org