CEDIA Membership in India Soars to New Levels in 2023

CEDIA | May 09, 2023
In 2023, CEDIA membership levels have reached a new high in India! This year, CEDIA has seen membership increase by more than 20%, and with such a successful Mumbai Tech Summit, we anticipate growing even more!

In addition to members and businesses that have renewed their membership this year, we've welcomed the following new members in 2023: 

  • G M Ventures
  • PROFX Tech Pvt Ltd
  • Intelligible Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Dblution Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Shemaroo Trading Pvt Limited
  • AV Professionals
  • ultavo Theatres & Tunes Pvt Ltd
  • Cinerama Private Limited
  • Mahkam Poorviaum Impex Trading Private Ltd
  • Everest Computers
  • Melody House Agencies
  • Cineone Home Theatre
  • Regasys Autotech India Private Limited
  • Beat Audio
  • Thar Technologies
  • SGPharma Pvt Ltd
  • Spectratone
  • Azure Technologies
  • Eagle Techsec Communications India Pvt Ltd
  • Binary Lifestyle Pvt Ltd
  • SoundTrails
We look forward to seeing what the rest of the year looks like and can't wait to meet more members and future members!