Suburban Detroit Member Visits CEDIA HQ to Talk Workforce Development

Tommy Tabor | Sep 06, 2022

CEDIA recently welcomed Marty Johnson to headquarters in Fishers, Ind. Johnson is the Professional Development Coordinator with AV Imagined, Inc., a member company in suburban Detroit.  He has been researching holistic workforce development ideas to upskill his current team and train new/future workers. Though initially drawn to CEDIA because of CEDIA HQ Tourthe depth, scope, and rigor of our Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT) and Integrated System Technician (IST) certifications, he might end up staying because of the work CEDIA is doing to develop partnerships with local educational institutions

Johnson has already had productive conversations with current CEDIA education partner, AV Technology Institute in Detroit, as well as a few other potential partners. He has also made meaningful connections with Michigan Works, an association that oversees the state’s American Job Centers. Due to Johnson’s great work and passion for workforce development, CEDIA has asked him to serve on our Workforce Development Working Group (WDWG).  We are happy to report that he’s accepted and will be joining the group in September.

For more information about how you can get involved in CEDIA’s workforce development efforts, please contact Tommy Tabor, Director of Workforce Development at ttabor@cedia.org.


CEDIA HQ Tour - Aug 2022