• Fresh, Focused, and All for You: CEDIA Education at CEDIA Expo

    Dan McGowan | Jul 28, 2021
    As the industry gets set to reunite in-person for CEDIA Expo 2021, take a look at some of the course that are filling up fast in Indianapolis.
  • Sometimes You Just Need a Kickstart

    David Hearn, Group Marketing Director at Integrated Logic | Jul 16, 2021
    David Hearn shares his experience with the UK Government Kickstart scheme and how CEDIA helped him find three new members of staff.
  • Workforce Development Through Local Partnerships

    CEDIA Director of Workforce Development Tommy Tabor | Jul 08, 2021
    How CEDIA is expanding its educational footprint around the globe.
  • Two Minute Tech Read: Here Come the Pros

    CEDIA Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Ian Bryant | Jul 06, 2021
    The big tech companies are embracing the need for trained professionals to install and maintain their products.
  • How They Did It: The KA Theater

    Ed Wenck | Jul 01, 2021
    A look at the Audio Images KA Theater, winner of the 2020 CEDIA Global Award for Best Home Cinema; Best Home Cinema, Americas, Level III; and Best Dressed Racks, Americas.
  • Challenge and Solution: Showroom Location – and Type

    Ed Wenck | Jun 29, 2021
    Two CEDIA-Award-winning integration firms (Cinegration [US] and Wired Life [Australia]) offer their advice on where to put a showroom – and how to use it effectively.
  • I AM CEDIA: Sandy Howard, AVD Australia

    Ed Wenck | Jun 24, 2021
    A Q&A with the Managing Director of the CEDIA-Award-winning firm AVD Australia, Sandy Howard – also a recipient of the CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000.
  • Industry Q&A: Calibration Courses at CEDIA HQ

    Dan McGowan | Jun 22, 2021
    We had a chance to chat with a few of the attendees of CEDIA's hybrid online/in-person education course called the “Home Cinema Audio Calibration School with HAA Certification Bundle.” on the final day of the program.
  • How They Did It: The Starship

    Ed Wenck | Jun 17, 2021
    La Scala spent hours and hours both off- and on-site to make the lighting (and everything else) perfect in this project that won Best Integrated Home (Level II) and Best Lighting System in the 2020 CEDIA Awards (Americas).
  • CEDIA Expo Toolkit

    Ed Wenck | Jun 15, 2021
    Links, lists, and lots more info all on one page to help you navigate the return (at last!) of the annual in-person event.
  • Poppy Crum – An Expo Keynote Preview

    Ed Wenck | Jun 10, 2021
    From analyzing Tolstoy to gauging audience reaction based on CO2 levels, Dolby’s in-house neuroscientist thinks a lot about the precise delivery of a creator’s intent.
  • Videoconferencing: Platforms and Pitfalls

    Ed Wenck | Jun 03, 2021
    As more and more integrators install unified communications for both home and office, it’s key to know just what’s out there – and what can trip you up. The IMCCA's Dave Danto and CEDIA's Steve Rissi have some thoughts.
  • TCD Update

    Ed Wenck | Jun 01, 2021
    The CEDIA Designer is constantly being updated. Here’s a quick Q&A with the “TCD Guys” – Guy Singleton (TCD’s inventor) and CEDIA’s Ian Bryant – on recent developments.
  • The Last 5%

    Ed Wenck | May 27, 2021
    Wisdom from our members -- and some others, too.
  • How They Did It: Spinney Home Cinema

    CEDIA | May 20, 2021
    Spinney gained Cyberhomes winner status in the Best Home Cinema Level II at the 2020 CEDIA Awards (EMEA), with the judges commenting: “A super cinema. It’s easy to see how this is going to be a great experience for the customer. It is a fantastic representation of what’s possible.”
  • User Experience Elevated: Integrating Amazon with Top Brands – A Webinar Preview

    Ed Wenck | May 13, 2021
    Learn directly from Amazon, a CEDIA Propel partner, how in-demand Amazon products can be integrated in the home to boost user experience with two of the biggest names in control and automation: Lutron and Savant.
  • The Smart Appliance Survey

    Ed Wenck | May 06, 2021
    CEDIA’s Giles Sutton and Ian Bryant, along with BSH’s Sheldon Lam (digital partnerships manager) and CE Pro recently undertook a survey to find out how many integrators were specifying smart appliances in the kitchen.
  • Certification Update

    Brian Fullenkamp | May 04, 2021
    CEDIA has successfully rolled out the Cabling and Infrastructure Technician (CIT) Certification and now turns its attention to the new Integrated Systems Technician (IST) Certification as well. Here's an update from CEDIA Certification and Project Specialist Brian Fullenkamp.
  • The Rise of the Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor

    Ed Wenck | Apr 29, 2021
    The acronym “vMVPD” is a bit unwieldy, but what it means – “virtual multichannel video programming distributor” – is another element of the rapidly changing face of content delivery to the masses.
  • Two-Minute Tech Read: The Next Energy Boom

    Ian Bryant | Apr 27, 2021
    Personal energy Independence from renewable energy and storage is set to surge over the next five years -- led by solar. CEDIA's Ian Bryant explains.

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